Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Bearings pdf

Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Bearings pdf

Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Bearings PDF

Purpose and Operation of Wheels and Tires Wheels and tires do more than support the weight of the vehicle. Tires are the only contact with the road, so they affect how the car or truck steers, how it rides and handles bumps, and how effective the brakes are.

The air inside the tire acts against the inner surface of the tire to support the weight of the vehicle.

Radial tires, having belts around the circumference of the tire, are the most common type of tire used.

Run-flat tires may contain an additional support ring or have extra stiff sidewalls to support the vehicle’s weight if air pressure is lost.

Information regarding tire size, quality, and loading is imprinted on the tire sidewall.

Misalignment of the belts in the tire can cause the tire to pull to one side.

A tire inspection should consist of a visual check of the treadwear, sidewall condition, and air pressure.

Periodic tire rotations help extend the life of the tire.

Wheel and tire assemblies that are statically out-ofbalance can cause wheel hop. Dynamic out-of-balance causes wheel shimmy.

Direct TPM systems use pressure sensors mounted in each wheel to measure tire pressure.

Indirect TPM systems use the antilock brake wheel speed sensors to determine if tire pressure is too low.

Bearings are used to reduce friction between components.

PDF Free Download | Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Bearings.

At the conclusion of this PDF you should be able to:

  • Identify different types of tires and their construction.
  • Locate and identify the parts of a wheel.
  • Perform tire mounting and balancing.
  • Rotate tires per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Check for lateral and radial runout.
  • Check and adjust tire air pressure.
  • identify and service components of the tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Identify wheel bearing concerns.
  • Service wheel bearings.

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