What Is Alternator and How does Works? PDF Download

What Is Alternator and How does Works? PDF Download

What is an alternator?

An alternator is a device whose purpose is to generate electricity and supply it to the various electrical equipment in the car, and also to recharge the battery. All cars with an internal combustion engine have an alternator with the exception of some hybrid cars which have large battery packs that store electrical energy. The alternator is mounted at the front of an engine and is run by a belt that draws power from the rotating crankshaft of the engine.

The alternator is a component that converts mechanical energy into alternating current (AC) which is a kind of electrical energy.

What Does A Car’s Alternator Do?

Most every driver knows the most basic yet major components of their vehicle. Components such as the engine, transmission, battery, and alternator. We know that engines create the propulsion to begin moving, the transmission keeps the vehicle moving, and the battery helps start the engine, but what does the alternator do? The alternator in your car is the boss when it comes to generating power. Sure, your battery is the one that initially gets your car started, but once that cycle is complete, its job is mostly done until the next time you need to start your engine. There’s a lot of power needed to start a car and keep it running. That’s where the alternator comes in. The alternator creates and continues to supply power to the battery as well as supply power to electrical components in the vehicle.

What Is Alternator and How does Works?

Contents of pdf you will download:

. What is an alternator?
. Components of Alternator
– Rotor and Stator
– Voltage Regulator
– Diode Rectifier
– Cooling Fan
. How does Alternator works?
. How The Alternator Produces Electricity?
. How does the Alternator Charge the Battery?
. Working Principle of Alternator
. Applications of Alternator
. Advantages of Alternator
. Disadvantages of Alternator
. Types of Alternators

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