Understanding Telecommunications Networks By Andy Valdar pdf download

Understanding Telecommunications Networks By Andy Valdar pdf.

Understanding Telecommunications Networks By Andy Valdar

Understanding Telecommunications Networks By Andy Valdar.

Foreword for Understanding Telecommunications Networks book:
Although everyone is familiar with fixed and mobile telephones and the ability to dial anywhere in the World, not many people understand how calls are carried, or how the various networks link together. Similarly, the workings of the Internet and all the different data and broadband services can be equally mysterious to many, as is the role of the myriad of underground and overhead cables in the streets. More importantly, many people now think that in any case all the telephone networks will be replaced by the Internet! This book aims to address such aspects. 

The primary purpose of this book is to describe how telecommunications networks work. Although the technology is explained at a simple functional level, emphasis is put on how the various components are used to build networks – fixed (‘wired’), mobile (‘wireless’), voice and data. I have tried to pitch the explanations at a level that does not require an engineering knowledge. Indeed, it is hoped that this book will be helpful to the wide range of people working in the telecommunications industry: managers who specialise in marketing, customer service, finance, human resources, public relations, investor relations, training and development, and legal and regulation. However, many of the engineers in the industry may also appreciate an understanding of aspects beyond their specialisations that this work aims to provide. I have also written the book with a view to making the broad-based coverage and emphasis on networks valuable background reading for students on undergraduate and graduate university courses in telecommunications. The majority of the material for the book has been based on my lecturing experience over the last 6 years in my role of visiting professor of telecommunications strategy at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of UCL. But my understanding of the business of planning and operating networks is based on the previous 30 years of wide-ranging experience at BT. 

Finally, this is a rapidly changing industry – one of the reasons why it is so fascinating – with new technology constantly hitting the scene. But public networks do not change over night, and the principles of networks and how technology can be used as put forward in this treatise should endure for many years. So, I hope that this book has a long and useful life.

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Download Understanding Telecommunications Networks (IET Telecommunications Series) By Andy Valdar in free pdf format.

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