Understanding DC Circuits PDF

Understanding DC Circuits PDF

Preface of Understanding DC Circuits by Dale Patrick, and Stephen Fardo

Understanding DC Circuits is an introductory text that provides coverage of the various topics in the field of direct current (de) electronics. The key concepts presented in this book are discussed in a simplified approach that greatly enhances learning. The use of mathematics is discussed clearly through applications and illustrations. Every unit is organized in a step-by-step progression of concepts and theory. Each unit begins with a unit introduction and unit objectives. A discussion of important concepts and theories follows. Numerous self-examinations with answers provided are integrated into each chapter to reinforce learning. Experimental activities with components and equipment listed are included with each unit to help students learn electronics through practical experimental applications.

The final learning activity for each unit is a unit examination, which includes at least twenty objective, multiple choice questions. Definitions of important terms are presented at the beginning of each unit. Several appendices appear at the end of the book to aid students in performing experimental activities. The expense of the equipment required for the experiments is kept to a minimum. A comprehensive parts list is provided, as is information on electronics distributors. The experiments suggested are low-cost activities that can be performed in the home or a school laboratory. They are very simple and easy to understand and emphasize troubleshooting concepts.

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The experiments allow students to develop an understanding of the topics discussed in each unit. They are intended as an important supplement to learning. Electronics can be learned experimentally at a low cost through completion of these labs. Appendices dealing with electronics symbols, safety, and soldering are provided for easy reference. This textbook is organized in an easy-to-understand format. It can be used to acquire a basic understanding of electronics in the home, school, or workplace. The organization of the book allows students to progress at their own pace in the study of electronics. As students progress, they may wish to purchase various types of test equipment at varying degrees of expense. Several supplemental materials are available to provide an aid to effective learning.

These include the following:

1. Instructor’s Resource Manual-provides the instructor with answers to all unit examinations and suggested data for experimental activities, including a comprehensive analysis of each experiment.

2. Instructor’s Transparency Masters–enlarged reproductions of selected illustrations used in the textbook that are suitable for use for transparency preparation for class presentations.

3. Instructor’s Test Item File-provides the instructor with many objective, multiple choice questions for use with each unit of instruction. These supplements are extremely valuable for instructors organizing electronics classes. The complete instructional cycle, from objectives to evaluation, is included in this book. We hope you will find Understanding DC Circuits easy to understand and that you are successful in your pursuit of knowledge in an exciting technical area. Electronics is an extremely vast and interesting field of study. This book provides a foundation for understanding electronics technology.

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