Theory of Applied Robotics Kinematics Dynamics and Control free pdf download

Theory of Applied Robotics Kinematics Dynamics and Control. 
Theory of Applied Robotics Kinematics Dynamics and Control
This book is designed to serve as a text for engineering students. It introduces the fundamental knowledge used in robotics. This knowledge can be utilized to develop computer programs for analyzing the kinematics, dynamics, and control of robotic systems. The subject of robotics may appear overdosed by the number of available texts because the eld has been growing rapidly since 1970. However, the topic remains alive with modern developments, which are closely related to the classical material.
It is evident that no single text can cover the vast scope of classical and modern materials in robotics. Thus the demand for new books arises because the eld continues to progress. Another factor is the trend toward the analytical unication of kinematics, dynamics, and control. Classical kinematics and dynamics of robots have their root s in the work of great scientists of the past four centuries who established the methodology and understanding of the behavior of dynamic systems.
The development of dynamic science, since the beginning of the twentieth century, has moved toward the analysis of controllable man-made systems. Therefore, merging the kinematics and dynamics with control theory is the expected development for robotic analysis. The other important development is the fast-growing capability of accurate and rapid numerical calculations, along with intelligent computer programming.
Level of Theory of Applied Robotics Kinematics Dynamics and Control.
This book has evolved from nearly a decade of research in nonlinear dynamic systems and teaching  undergraduate-graduate level courses in robotics. It is addressed primarily to the last year of undergraduate study and the rst-year graduate student in engineering. Hence, it is an intermediate textbook.
This book can even be the rst exposure to topics in spatial kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems. Therefore, it provides both fundamental and advanced topics on the kinematics and dynamics of robots. The whole book can be covered in two successive courses however, it is possible to jump over some sections and cover the book in one course. The students are required to know the fundamentals of kinematics and dynamics, as well as a basic knowledge of numerical methods. The contents of the book have been kept at a fairly theoretical-practical level. Many concepts are deeply explained and their use emphasized, and most of the related theory and formal proofs have been explained.
Throughout the book, a strong emphasis is put on the physical meaning of the concepts introduced. Topics that have been selected are of high interest in the eld. An attempt has been made to expose the students to a broad range of topics and approaches. 
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