The Maritime Engineering Reference Book: A Guide to Ship Design, Construction and Operation pdf


Maritime engineering covers a wide range of scientific, technical and engineering topics, with supporting input on economic, legal and insurance matters. The Maritime Engineering Reference Book is designed to serve as a first point of reference for those wishing to know the basics and background information in the field of maritime engineering and to provide accessible references for those who wish to read about particular subjects in more detail. This book is aimed at a broad readership including practicing naval architects, marine engineers and seagoing officers, together with scientists and engineers not specialized in the maritime field. It should be of use to students of naval architecture, ship science and marine engineering, and other science and engineering students with interests in marine matters. It should also appeal to others involved with maritime operations including financial and legal work, surveying, insurance and marine policy. The contents have been chosen to provide an overview of maritime engineering, covering the physical features of the marine environment, marine vehicle types, ship and marine vehicle design, construction, operation and safety.

The extracts have been taken directly from the above source books, with some small editorial changes and additions. These changes have entailed the re-numbering of Sections and Figures, the linking of Sections within a Chapter, cross-referencing between Chapters and the insertion of additional and more recent references where appropriate. In view of the breadth of content and style of the source books, there is some overlap and repetition of material between Chapters and significant differences in style, but these features have been left in order to retain the flavor and readability of the individual Chapters. 

The book is arranged into 12 Chapters:

 1 The marine environment

 2 Marine vehicle types

 3 Flotation and stability

 4 Ship structures

 5 Powering

 6 Marine engines and auxiliary machinery

 7 Seakeeping

 8 Maneuvering

 9 Ship design, construction and operation

 10 Underwater vehicles

 11 Marine safety

 12 Glossary of terms and definitions

 The Chapters can be studied independently, depending on the interests of the reader. References are provided at the end of each Chapter to facilitate access to some of the original sources of information and further depth of study where necessary.

Grateful appreciation is extended to the twenty-five authors of the source books from which this Reference Book has been compiled. The Editor acknowledges the help and support of Lyndsey Dixon, Associate Editor, and her team for guidance in establishing the structure of the book and in bringing the book to publication.

Download The Maritime Engineering Reference Book: A Guide to Ship Design, Construction and Operation in free pdf format.

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