(PDF) The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook 13th Edition

(PDF) The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook 13th Edition

The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook 13th Edition

Contents of The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook 13th Edition
1 Elementary Electrical Principles
2 Electric System
3 Substations
4 Transmission Circuits
5 Distribution Circuits
6 Construction Specifications
7 Wood-Pole Structures
8 Aluminum, Concrete, Fiberglass, and Steel Structures and Poles
9 Distribution Automation and the Smart Grid
10 Emergency System Restoration
11 Unloading, Hauling, Erecting, and Setting Poles
12 Guying Poles
13 Insulators, Crossarms, and Conductor Supports
14 Line Conductors
15 Distribution Transformers
16 Lightning and Surge Protection
17 Fuses and Fuse Coordination
18 Switches
19 Tap-Changing Transformers and Voltage Regulators
20 Transmission Tower Erection
21 Stringing Line Conductors
22 Sagging Line Conductors
23 Joining Line Conductors
24 Live-Line Maintenance with Hot-Line Tools
25 Live-Line Maintenance from Insulated Aerial Platforms
26 Grounding
27 Protective Grounds
28 Street Lighting
29 Underground System
30 Laying Conduit
31 Manhole Construction
32 Pulling Cable
33 Splicing and Terminating Cable
34 Underground Distribution
35 Vegetation Management: Tree Trimming
36 Distribution Transformer Installation, Selection, and Utilization
37 Electrical Drawing Symbols
38 Single-Line Diagrams
39 Schematic Diagrams
40 Voltage Regulation
41 Units of Measurement, Electrical Definitions, Electrical Formulas, and Calculations
42 Maintenance of Transmission and Distribution Lines
43 Rope, Knots, Splices, and Gear
44 Climbing Wood Poles
45 Protective Line and Personal Protective Equipment
46 OSHA 1910.269
47 Resuscitation
48 Heart-Lung Resuscitation
49 Pole-Top and Bucket Truck Rescue
50 Self-Testing Questions and Exercises

The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook Thirteenth Edition

Preface this Handbook is written for the apprentice, the lineman, the cableman, the foreman, the supervisor, and other employees of electric line construction contractors and transmission and distribution departments of electric utility companies. It is primarily intended to be used as an apprenticeship textbook and a home-study book to supplement daily work experiences. This Handbook has 50 chapters; 11 chapters are devoted to a general understanding of electricity, electrical terms, and electric-power systems; 31 chapters are devoted to actual construction of overhead and underground distribution and transmission lines and to maintenance procedures; and 7 chapters are expressly devoted to safety guidelines. The final chapter can be used by the reader as a self-examination of the information presented.

I think: Great reference book addressing the total lineman career field. Very detailed with illustrations, found this book to be very thorough addressing topics as to lineman’s job functions and duties.

This book provides a practicable structured approach to electrical power systems, transmission and distribution lines. It constitutes a standard practice reference for linemen as well as a constructability Reference for engineering planning and design.

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