The Electrical Engineering Handbook by Wai Kai Chen pdf download

The Electrical Engineering Handbook by Wai Kai Chen pdf.

The Electrical Engineering Handbook by Wai Kai Chen.

Preface of The Electrical Engineering Handbook by Wai Kai Chen book:
The purpose of The Electrical Engineering Handbook is to provide a comprehensive reference work covering the broad spectrum of electrical engineering in a single volume. It is written and developed for the practicing electrical engineers in industry, government, and academia. The goal is to provide the most up-to-date information in classical fields of circuits, electronics, electromagnetics, electric power systems, and control systems, while covering the emerging fields of VLSI systems, digital systems, computer engineering, computeraided design and optimization techniques, signal processing, digital communications, and communication networks. This handbook is not an all-encompassing digest of everything taught within an electrical engineering curriculum. Rather, it is the engineer’s first choice in looking for a solution. Therefore, full references to other sources of contributions are provided. The ideal reader is a B.S. level engineer with a need for a one-source reference to keep abreast of new techniques and procedures as well as review standard practices.

Over the years, the fundamentals of electrical engineering have evolved to include a wide range of topics and a broad range of practice. To encompass such a wide range of knowledge, the handbook focuses on the key concepts, models, and equations that enable the electrical engineer to analyze, design, and predict the behavior of electrical systems. While design formulas and tables are listed, emphasis is placed on the key concepts and theories underlying the applications. 

The information is organized into nine major sections, which encompass the field of electrical engineering. Each section is divided into chapters. In all, there are 72 chapters involving 108 authors, each of which was written by leading experts in the field to enlighten and refresh knowledge of the mature engineer and educate the novice. Each section contains introductory material, leading to the appropriate applications. To help the reader, each article includes two important and useful categories: defining terms and references. Defining terms are key definitions and the first occurrence of each term defined is indicated in boldface in the text. The references provide a list of useful books and articles for following reading.

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Download The Electrical Engineering Handbook by Wai Kai Chen in free pdf format.

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