The Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair by Cheryl A. Schmidt pdf

The Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair by Cheryl A. Schmidt

The Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair by Cheryl A. Schmidt

The Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair, Fifth Edition Update, is intended for one or more courses geared toward A+ Certification and Computer Repair. It covers all the material needed for the following exams: CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-701® and CompTIA A+ Practical Application 220-702®. The book is written so that it is easy to read and understand because concepts are presented in building-block fashion. The book focuses on hardware, software, basic networking, and computer security.

Some of the best features of the book include the coverage of difficult subjects in a step-by-step manner, carefully developed graphics to illustrate concepts, photographs to demonstrate various technologies, reinforcement questions, critical thinking skills, soft skills that relate to chapter material, and hands-on exercises at the end of each chapter. Also, this book is written by a teacher who understands the value of a textbook in this field.

What’s New in the Fifth Edition?

This update to the Fifth Edition has been revised to include coverage of Windows 7 in addition to Vista and XP. This edition differs from the Fourth in the following ways:
● Conformity with the latest CompTIA A+ Exam requirements, including CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-701 exam, as well as the CompTIA A+ Practical Application 220-702 exam.
● New sections in almost every chapter that relate to Windows Vista and 7.
● Emphasis on security and laptop components issues throughout all of the chapters.
● Added tools and exercises on topics such as subnetting, more wireless networking, striping and spanning of hard drive volumes, and use of dual monitors.
● Printers and video chapters integrated into a single peripheral devices chapter.
● Changed the serial devices chapter to Internet connectivity, removing older references
and material related to serial devices except for analog modems. Focuses on Internet connectivity options and configuration.
● Windows Vista and 7 are integrated into the Windows XP Professional chapter. It includes all new Vista and 7 labs.
● Windows 2000 Professional chapter moved to the Companion Website.
● New look—including more technical tips and tables—makes detailed information easier to comprehend, with less wasted space in the exercise section of each chapter.
● Older technologies such as serial device configuration (except for analog modems) moved to the Companion Website.

Download The Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair by Cheryl A. Schmidt in free pdf format.

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