The Car Care Book Fourth Edition By Ron Haefner pdf download

The Car Care Book Fourth Edition By Ron Haefner pdf.

The Car Care Book Fourth Edition By Ron Haefner.

Owners of automobiles can be categorized in many different ways. For some,
their car is a personal extension of themselves, for others, it may be simply a matter of transportation, and some may view their automobile as a hobby or a toy.

No matter which of these categories a car owner may fall into, and regardless of
the motivation for owning an automobile, the car will need maintenance. The Car
Care Book, Fourth Edition, forms a strong basis for starting a maintenance program, particularly for the first time car owner or for one who has owned several cars and wishes to learn more about the automobile.

This book addresses the three primary areas of concern for the average car owner. The first is the basics of how the various systems on automobile work. The second is the maintenance required for the automobile, and the third is the financial concerns of owning the automobile. This area also touches on some of the buying, leasing, and insurance considerations for ownership, or potential ownership.

I wrote The Car Care Book, Fourth Edition for a class that I developed called Consumer Autos 101. Many of my students were either in the process of buying a car or had just bought their first car. I have also had adults interested in the class as they, too, did not have a comfortable understanding of what their cars needed, even though they had owned many cars over the years. My goal was to continue refining a book that a reader could pick up, read, and immediately apply the information, perhaps with a little guided practice. It still amazes me when someone does their first engine oil change and is apprehensive, but by the end of the class, they become comfortable and even develop a routine. Things are always less mysterious after guided practice.

This updated edition introduces readers to the three areas of concern that car consumers typically face: learning about the major systems of a car; the basics of inspection and maintenance; and the financial aspects of owning and operating an automobile. Each section of the car is broken down into systems and subsystems to help students digest important concepts. The majority of the content has been updated to reflect the technological advancements of the modern automobile, including an all new Chapter 17 on hybrid and electric vehicles. Specific vehicle types and brands have been avoided to allow The Car Care Book.

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Downlaod The Car Care Book Fourth Edition By Ron Haefner in free pdf format.

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