The BIM Managers Handbook by Dominik Holzer pdf

The BIM Managers Handbook by Dominik Holzer pdf

PDF Free Download | The BIM Managers Handbook Guidance For Professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction by Dominik Holzer

Contents of The BIM Managers Handbook

  • Introduction Why BIM Managers Count!
  • The BIM Manager: Focus on the Person behind the Title
  • Hands-On BIM
  • Revelations and Surprises
  • Chapter Best Practice BIM
  • BIM Managers: Breaking Ground
  • The Rise and Rise of BIM
  • Defining Good, or Even “Best Practice,” BIM
  • When BIM Goes Wrong — Examples of “Bad BIM”
  • The Tipping Point — How Do You Become Successful
  • Using BIM?
  • Benchmarking BIM
  • Chapter Change Management
  • Technology as a Driver for Innovation and Change
  • The Cultural Dimension of Change . . . and Its
  • Management
  • Interfacing with Your Organization’s Leadership and
  • Management
  • Overcoming Change Resistance and Managing
  • Expectations
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Chapter Focus on Technology
  • Interfacing Design Technology with Information
  • Technology
  • Hardware/Software License Selection for BIM
  • Sharing BIM via Networks
  • BIM in the Cloud
  • Explaining Tool Ecologies
  • Interfacing BIM
  • Future Developments
  • Chapter Building Up a BIM Support Infrastructure
  • Propagating BIM
  • Starting with the End in Mind—Employer Information
  • Requirements
  • Setting the (BIM) Standards
  • BIM Execution Plans
  • The BIM Placemat
  • The BIM Capability Statement
  • BIM Library Management
  • Reaching Out
  • Chapter Day-to-Day BIM Management
  • The Broad Spectrum of BIM
  • Advancing BIM Strategically
  • Planning BIM on a Project
  • Fire-Fighting and Lending a Helping Hand
  • Chapter Excelling Your BIM Efforts
  • In Search of BIM Excellence
  • Becoming a BIM Expert
  • Innovating with BIM and Educating Others
  • BIM Research
  • Reaching Out and Getting Noticed!
  • Distinguishing Your Service Offering via BIM
  • Embracing Lifecycle BIM
  • Working According to Local Guidelines and Standards
  • Moving Forward (While Catching Up)

Download The BIM manager’s handbook : guidance for professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction by Dominik Holzer in free pdf format.

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