Taking Off Quantities: Civil Engineering 1st Edition by Bryan Spain pdf free download

Taking Off Quantities: Civil Engineering 1st Edition by Bryan Spain pdf.

Taking Off Quantities: Civil Engineering 1st Edition by Bryan Spain

Taking Off Quantities: Civil Engineering 1st Edition by Bryan Spain free pdf download.

1 General principles of measurement 
2 CESMM 3—How it works  
3 Pumping Station No.1  
4 Pumping Station No.2  
5 Retaining wall  
6 Road  
7 Reinforcement  
8 Gatehouse  
9 Mensuration and useful data 

Preface of Taking Off Quantities: Civil Engineering 1st Edition book “by Bryan Spain”:
The role of the quantity surveyor is changing rapidly and he is now expected to provide project and financial management services in addition to his traditional expertise. But whatever new skills are acquired, he must still possess a sound knowledge of building construction and the ability to take-off quantities from drawings. 

CESMM 3 Explained was published in 1992 and was described as the definitive work on civil engineering measurement. Since publication, discussions have taken place with quantity surveyors, engineers, academics and students and it appeared that there was a need for a book containing examples of civil engineering taking-off only. 

This book, Taking-Off Quantities Civil Engineering, re-presents the appendices from CESMM 3 Explained together with the first two chapters which deal with general principles of measurement and how CESMM 3 works. Although it is expected that civil engineering and quantity surveying students will form the major part of the readership, interest has already been expressed by practising engineers and surveyors on the need for a book providing examples of civil engineering taking-off accompanied by a commentary on the measurement techniques being used. 

Despite the reduction in the number of disputes since Dr Martin Barnes produced CESMM 1 in 1976, disagreements over the definitive way to measure engineering work continue. It is hoped that this book can play a part in reducing this number even further and also save time and money in expensive litigation and arbitration proceedings. 

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    Download Taking Off Quantities: Civil Engineering 1st Edition by Bryan Spain in free pdf format.
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