Student Exercises Fabrication for AutoCAD MEP pdf download

Student Exercises Fabrication for AutoCAD MEP.
Student Exercises Fabrication for AutoCAD MEP

The book in PDF Format with title Student Exercises Fabrication for AutoCAD MEP is available to download for free and Download Link is at the end of the article

About This Training
Icons and Definitions
General Fitting Details

Part 1: MEP Setup and Basic Duct Routing
Exercise 1: EC CAD Options (ECTOOLS) in AutoCAD MEP
Exercise 2: Setting up the DWT Template 
Exercise 3: Loading a Catalog 
Exercise 4: Routing Preferences and System Settings
Exercise 5: Routing a Duct Run
Exercise 6: Place a Specific Fitting
Exercise 7: Adding Taps
Exercise 8: Using the Properties Palette to Change Dimensions

Part 2: PartManager Setup
Exercise 9: Catalogs in PartManager
Exercise 10: Configuration Overview
Exercise 11: Specifications
Exercise 12: Manufacturer Defaults 
Exercise 13: Sheet Parameters
Exercise 14: Special Instructions
Exercise 15: Synchronizing Specifications
Exercise 16: Materials – Metal and Lining
Exercise 17: Miscellaneous – Gauges, Saddles, Reinforcements, etc
Exercise 18: Connectors
Exercise 19: Example – Creating a TDC Connector
Exercise 20: Example – Setting up Round and Oval Duct Couplings
Exercise 21: Undersizing Round and Oval Connectors
Exercise 22: Seams and Locks
Exercise 23: Creating Tap Joints 

Part 3: Using the Sheet Metal Design to Fabrication Tools 
Exercise 24: PartManager Shortcut 
Exercise 25: Switch Environments
Exercise 26: Error Log
Exercise 27: AutoTag Manager and AutoTag
Exercise 28: Duct Fabrication Preferences
Exercise 29: Duct Hangers Setup and Preferences
Exercise 30: Duct Schedule Data
Exercise 31: Duct Classify
Exercise 32: Duct Break .
Exercise 33: Duct Remove.
Exercise 34: Duct Spec Override
Exercise 35: Air Flow Direction and Swap Flow Tool
Exercise 36: Duct Fabrication Modify
Exercise 37: Duct Connect (Auto Connect)
Exercise 38: Duct Lock and Duct Unlock
Exercise 39: Tap Anchor Update
Exercise 40: Duct Hanger Too
Exercise 41: Total Station
Exercise 42: Move Left or Move Right Tool on the Ribbon
Exercise 43: Changing Specs for a Single Fitting 
Exercise 44: Stretch Tool
Exercise 45: Volume Dampers 
Exercise 46: Changing Out Fittings
Exercise 47: Changing the Size of Duct
Exercise 48: Checking for Rotated Fittings
Exercise 49: Parts Convert – MEP Design to Fabrication
Exercise 50: Adding Schedules and Tags to the Tool Palette
Exercise 51: Setting Vane Display
Exercise 52: Double-Walled Duct
Exercise 53: Insulation and Lining Display
Exercise 54: Creating Custom Tags
Exercise 55: Inserting a Schedule
Exercise 56: Updating a Schedule after Edit Operations
Exercise 57: Schedule Customization
Exercise 58: Modifying Schedules with Classification 
Exercise 59: Duct System Definitions and Layer Keys
Exercise 60: Creating Cross Sections
Exercise 61: Interference Checking
Exercise 62: Equipment

Part 4: Part Numbering, Spools and Pickoffs
Exercise 63: Duct Part Number
Exercise 64: Pickoff
Exercise 65: Duct Spool.
Exercise 66: Duct Number Tags
Exercise 67: Adding Pickoff or Spool Legends
Supplemental Exercises

About This Training:
The exercises in this training guide are used during EastCoast Online, On-Site, and Classroom training sessions. They can also be used for self-guided training. Here are some examples of the topics that are covered during a typical EC CAD Sheet Metal training session:

 Overview of EC Sheet Metal Design to Fabrication and what it provides for design and detailing.
 A general review of AutoCAD MEP 2014, as needed.
 End-to-end duct layer creation using an architectural drawing, and ending with EC pickoff and spool files.
 Setting up specs, allowances and manufacturer defaults using EC Part Manager.
 Create routing preferences.
 Drawing and modifying duct using EC CAD fittings and tools.
 Changing out specs and manufacturer settings using EC CAD tools
 Removing short duct, numbering duct, and perform other drawing cleanup operations using EC CAD tools.
 Identifying and resolving conflicts.
 Creating and modifying EC schedules.
 Using MEP Design to Fabrication for automated parts conversion from generic Revit or AutoCAD MEP duct systems.
 If there is time and interest, walking through pickoff creation and integration with DuctMaker.

NOTE: Although this series is not meant to train you to use AutoCAD MEP 2014, you will need to be able to find various tools and menus to successfully complete your duct drawing. 

Additional Resources
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The Customer Portal is an area of the EastCoast web site available at no charge to EastCoast Customers, providing software updates, documentation and video resources. A new customer simply fills out a short registration form which requests access from EastCoast CAD/CAM Customer Support. Once approved, the customer then logs in with their user name and password. 
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Student Exercises Fabrication for AutoCAD MEP pdf.

Book Details:
⏩Copyright: 2005-2014 EastCoast CAD/CAM. 
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 245
⏩Size: 10.6 MB
⏩Format: pdf

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