Structure for Architects by Ramsey Dabby and Ashwani Bedi PDF

Structure for Architects by Ramsey Dabby and Ashwani Bedi PDF

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Preface to Structure for Architects by Ramsey Dabby and Ashwani Bedi PDF

The concept for this preliminary textbook arose a few years ago when we jointly taught a Structures course to architectural students in the Architectural Technology Department at The New York City College of Technology. Noting the lack of an appropriate introductory text covering the intended topics, we decided to draw upon our professional and classroom experiences and began work on a structures textbook primarily aimed at the architectural student. Thus began a journey that has spanned over several years and continues to evolve.

Architects tend to think visually, in concepts, while engineers tend to think mathematically, in details. The disparity between the way architects and engineers perceive and process information is not addressed by most structural engineering textbooks, which focus heavily on technical aspects and often intimidate the architectural student. Actually, structures is the most intuitive of engineering disciplines, its principles easily perceived and visible in countless everyday situations. Our intent in this work is to de-mystify structural principles and present them in an intuitive, easy-to-read, and graphically friendly format.

Highlights of this book include:

A rich collection of drawings, photographs, and diagrams, spread throughout the text, which demonstrate fundamental structural concepts using everyday examples

An overview of structural design basics, as well as a summary of structural forms

A look at the design implications of steel, reinforced concrete, and wood

By providing an overall view of structures that covers the essentials of what architects and architectural technologists need to know, Structure for Architects is a valuable tool for illustrating the importance of designing with structure in mind and for learning the basics that are necessary for collaborating confidently with project team members.

Download Structure for Architects by Ramsey Dabby and Ashwani Bedi in free pdf format.

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