Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications 1st edition by W.J. DeCoursey pdf download

Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications by W.J. DeCoursey.

1. Introduction: Probability and Statistics
2. Basic Probability 
3. Descriptive Statistics: Summary Numbers
4. Grouped Frequencies and Graphical Descriptions
5. Probability Distributions of Discrete Variables 
6. Probability Distributions of Continuous Variables
7. The Normal Distribution
8. Sampling and Combination of Variables
9. Statistical Inferences for the Mean
10. Statistical Inferences for Variance and Proportion 
11. Introduction to Design of Experiments
12. Introduction to Analysis of Variance
13. Chi-squared Test for Frequency Distributions
14. Regression and Correlation
15. Sources of Further Information

This book has been written to meet the needs of two different groups of readers. On one hand, it is suitable for practicing engineers in industry who need a better understanding or a practical review of probability and statistics. On the other hand, this book is eminently suitable as a textbook on statistics and probability for engineering students.

Areas of practical knowledge based on the fundamentals of probability and statistics are developed using a logical and understandable approach which appeals to the reader’s experience and previous knowledge rather than to rigorous mathematical development. The only prerequisites for this book are a good knowledge of algebra and a first course in calculus. The book includes many solved problems showing applications in all branches of engineering, and the reader should pay close attention to them in each section. The book can be used profitably either for private study or in a class.

Some material in earlier chapters is needed when the reader comes to some of the later sections of this book. Chapter 1 is a brief introduction to probability and statistics and their treatment in this work. Sections 2.1 and 2.2 of Chapter 2 on Basic Probability present topics that provide a foundation for later development, and so do sections 3.1 and 3.2 of Chapter 3 on Descriptive Statistics. Section 4.4, which discusses representing data for a continuous variable in the form of grouped frequency tables and their graphical equivalents, is used frequently in later chapters. Mathematical expectation and the variance of a random variable are introduced in section 5.2. The normal distribution is discussed in Chapter 7 and used extensively in later discussions. The standard error of the mean and the Central Limit Theorem of Chapter 8 are important topics for later chapters. Chapter 9 develops the very useful ideas of statistical inference, and these are applied further in the rest of the book. A short statement of prerequisites is given at the beginning of each chapter, and the reader is advised to make sure that he or she is familiar with the prerequisite material.

Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications 1st edition by W.J. DeCoursey

This book contains more than enough material for a one-semester or one-quarter course for engineering students, so an instructor can choose which topics to include. Sections on use of the computer can be left for later individual study or class study if so desired, but readers will find these sections using Excel very useful. In my opinion a course on probability and statistics for undergraduate engineering students should include at least the following topics: introduction (Chapter 1), basic probability (sections 2.1 and 2.2), descriptive statistics (sections 3.1 and 3.2), grouped frequency (section 4.4), basics of random variables (sections 5.1 and 5.2), the binomial distribution (section 5.3) (not absolutely essential), the normal distribution (sections 7.1, 7.2, 7.3), variance of sample means and the Central Limit Theorem (from Chapter 8), statistical inferences for the mean (Chapter 9), and regression and correlation (from Chapter 14). A number of other topics are very desirable, but the instructor or reader can choose among them.

It is a pleasure to thank a number of people who have made contributions to this book in one way or another. The book grew out of teaching a section of a general engineering course at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, and my approach was affected by discussions with the other instructors. Many of the examples and the problems for readers to solve were first suggested by colleagues, including Roy Billinton, Bill Stolte, Richard Burton, Don Norum, Ernie Barber, Madan Gupta, George Sofko, Dennis O’Shaughnessy, Mo Sachdev, Joe Mathews, Victor Pollak, A.B. Bhattacharya, and D.R. Budney. Discussions with Dennis O’Shaughnessy have been helpful in clarifying my ideas concerning the paired t-test and blocking. Example 7.11 is based on measurements done by Richard Evitts. Colleagues were very generous in reading and commenting on drafts of various chapters of the book; these include Bill Stolte, Don Norum, Shehab Sokhansanj, and particularly Richard Burton. Bill Stolte has provided useful comments after using preliminary versions of the book in class. Karen Burlock typed the first version of Chapter 7. I thank all of these for their contributions. Whatever errors remain in the book are, of course, my own responsibility.
” W.J. DeCoursey “.

What’s on the CD-ROM?
Included on the accompanying CD-ROM:
• a fully searchable eBook version of the text in Adobe pdf form
•data sets to accompany the examples in the text
• in the “Extras” folder, useful statistical software tools developed by the Statistical Engineering Division, National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST). Once again, you are cautioned not to apply any technique blindly without first understanding its assumptions, limitations, and area of application.

Refer to the Read-Me file on the CD-ROM for more detailed information on these files and applications. 

Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications 1st Edition pdf.

Book Details:
Edition: 1st 
Author: W.J. DeCoursey
Puplisher: Newnes 
Puplication Date: April 28, 2003
Language: English
Size: 3.48 MB
Pages: 367
Format: PDF

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