Solid State Chemistry Third Edition pdf

Solid State Chemistry 3rd edition by LESLEY E. SMART ET.AL pdf download.

Preface to the Third Edition Solid state and materials chemistry is a rapidly moving field, and the aim of this edition has been to bring the text as up to date as possible with new developments. A few changes of emphasis have been made along the way. Single crystal X-ray diffraction has now been reduced in Chapter 2 to make way for a wider range of the physical techniques used to characterize solids, and the number of synthetic techniques has been expanded in Chapter 3. Chapter 5 now contains a section on fuel cells and electrochromic materials.

In Chapter 6, the section on low-dimensional solids has been replaced with sections on conducting organic polymers, organic superconductors, and fullerenes. Chapter 7 now covers mesoporous solids and ALPOs, and Chapter 8 includes a section on photonics. Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) have been added to Chapter 9, and p-wave (triplet) superconductors to Chapter 10.

Chapter 11 is new, and looks at the solid state chemical aspects of nanoscience. We thank our readers for the positive feedback on first two editions and for the helpful advice which has led to this latest version. As ever, we thank our friends in the Chemistry Department at the OU, who have been such a pleasure to work with over the years, and have made enterprises such as this possible.

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