Securing Ajax Applications by Christopher Wells pdf Download

Securing Ajax Applications by Christopher Wells.
Web sites such as MySpace, Google, Yahoo!, Google Maps, and others are introducing users to new social and interactive features, to seeding communities, and to collecting and reusing all sorts of precious data. 
The slate has been wiped clean and the stage set for a new breed of web application.
Everything old is new again. Relationships fuel this new Web. And service providers, such as Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft, are all rushing to expose their wares. It’s like a carnival! Everything is open.
Everything is free at least for now. But whom can you trust? Though mesmerized by the possibilities, as developers, we must remain vigilant for the sakes of our users.
For us, it is critical to recognize that the fundamentals of web programming have not changed. What has changed is this notion of “opening” resources and data so that others might use that data in new and creative ways. Furthermore, with all this sharing going on we can’t let ourselves forget that our applications must still defend themselves. As technology moves forward, and we nd our applications becoming more interactive—sharing data between themselves and other sites it raises a host of new security concerns.

Securing Ajax Applications by Christopher Wells pdf Download
This book explores Ajax and web application security with an eye for dangerous gaps and offers ways that you can plug them before they become a problem. By making security part of the process from the start, you will learn how to build secure Ajax applications and discover how to respond quickly when attacks occur. 
Securing Ajax Applications succinctly explains that the same back-and-forth communications that make Ajax so responsive also gives invaders new opportunities to gather data, make creative new requests of your server, and interfere with the communications between you and your customers. This book presents basic security techniques and examines vulnerabilities with JavaScript, JSON, XML, Flash, and other technologies – vital information that will ultimately save you time and money. 
Topics include:
Web security basics, including common vulnerabilities, common cures, state management and session management. 
An overview of the evolving web platform, including APIs, feeds, web services and asynchronous messaging. 
How to protect your server, including front-line defense, dealing with application servers, PHP and scripting.
How to secure web technologies, such as Ajax, JavaScript, Java applets, Active X controls, plug-ins, Flash and Flex.
How to secure web services, build secure APIs, and make open mashups secure Securing.
Vulnerabilities among web standards such as HTTP, XML, JSON, RSS, ATOM, REST, and XDOS.
Ajax Applications is also for web developers who accept the responsibility that comes with using the new wonders of the Web.
Securing Ajax Applications: Ensuring the Safety of the Dynamic Web 1st Edition.
Book Details:
Book Title: Securing Ajax Applications
Edition: 1 st edition
Puplisher: O’Reilly Media
Puplication Date: July 21, 2007
Author: Christopher Wells
Language: English
Pages: 251
Size: 2.9 MB
Format: PDF
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