Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by Ramesh Chandra Arora pdf download

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by Ramesh Chandra Arora

Contents of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by Ramesh Chandra Arora.:

  • 1 History of Refrigeration 
  • 2 Thermal Principles—A Review of Fundamentals 
  • 3 Mechanical Vapour Compression Cycles 
  • 4 Compressors 
  • 5 Performance of Single Stage Saturation Cycle with Reciprocating Compressor 
  • 6 Multistage Refrigeration Systems 
  • 7 Absorption Refrigeration Systems 
  • 8 Refrigerants 
  • 9 Expansion Valves 
  • 10 Condensers 
  • 11 Evaporators 
  • 12 Complete Vapour Compression System 
  • 13 Gas Cycle Refrigeration 
  • 14 Water—Steam Ejector—Refrigeration System and Thermoelectric Refrigeration System 
  • 15 Air Conditioning 
  • 16 Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air 
  • 17 Elementary Psychrometric Processes 
  • 18 Wetted Surface Heat Transfer—Psychrometer, Straight Line Law and Psychrometry of Air Conditioning Processes 
  • 19 Comfort—Physiological Principles, IAQ and Design Conditions 
  • 20 Solar Radiation 
  • 21 Load Calculations
  • 22 Room Airflow and Duct Design 
  • 23. Fans 

Preface by the publisher: The science and practice of creating controlled thermal conditions, collectively called refrigeration and air conditioning, is an exciting and fascinating subject that has wide-ranging applications in food preservation, chemical and process industries, manufacturing processes, cold treatment of metals, drug manufacture, ice manufacture and above all in areas of industrial air conditioning and comfort air conditioning. The subject of refrigeration and air conditioning dates back to centuries when refrigeration was achieved by natural means such as the use of ice or evaporative cooling. Refrigeration, as it is known these days, is produced by artificial means. Based on the working principle, the present-day refrigeration systems can be classified into (i) mechanical vapour compression refrigeration systems, (ii) absorption refrigeration systems, (iii) gas cycle refrigeration systems, (iv) steam jet refrigeration systems, (v) thermoelectric and magnetic refrigeration systems, and (vi) vortex tube refrigeration systems. 

Most of the present-day air conditioning systems use either a vapour compression refrigeration system or a vapour absorption refrigeration system. This textbook on refrigeration and air conditioning is an outcome of 30 years’ teaching experience of late Professor (Dr.) Ramesh Chandra Arora at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. It is intended to lead students to a deeper understanding and a firm grasp of the basic principles of this fast-growing subject area. The text is ideally suited for undergraduate education in mechanical engineering programmes and specialized postgraduate education in thermo sciences. The book is designed to typically appeal to those who like a more rigorous presentation. 

The presentation of the subject is divided into two areas, i.e. refrigeration topics in Chapters 1 to 14 and air conditioning topics in Chapters 15 to 23. Chapter 2, however, may be treated as common between these areas as it comprehensively reviews the basic principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics which constitute the three pillars of refrigeration and air conditioning. 

After recapitulation of the basic foundations of refrigeration, the follow-on chapters are devoted to exhaustive coverage of principles, applications and design of several types of refrigeration systems and their associated components such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, and expansion devices. Refrigerants too, are studied elaborately in an exclusive chapter. The study of air conditioning begins with the subject of psychrometrics being at the heart of understanding the design and implementation of air conditioning processes. The design practices followed for cooling and heating load calculations and methods of duct designing, are discussed elaborately in separate chapters. 

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – 2010 by Ramesh Chandra Arora pdf.

Book Details:

  • ⏩Edition: 1st 
  • ⏩Author: Ramesh Chandra Arora
  • ⏩Publisher: PHI Learning; 1st edition (2010)
  • ⏩Publication Date: 2010
  • ⏩Language: English
  • ⏩Pages: 1104
  • ⏩Size: 16.6 MB
  • ⏩Format: PDF

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