pump characteristics and applications third edition PDF

pump characteristics and applications third edition PDF

Preface to the Third Edition of pump characteristics and applications third edition book

This third edition of Pump Characteristics and Applications includes two significant improvements. First, more than 150 images are presented in color for the first time. Based on feedback from participants in short courses in pumps that have used this book as the text, these color images should greatly improve the ability of readers from all backgrounds to understand the details in many cutaway and cross sectional images of pumps, seals, and other components. Similarly, color-coding permits a clear distinction between the many types of pump performance curves that are presented throughout the book, such as head–capacity, horsepower, efficiency, NPSH, and system head curves. Also included are new images of the latest generation of pumps and other components.

The second focus of this edition is a new chapter on pump case studies. Students in Volk pump training classes indicate that case studies are an important learning tool for people who work with pumps. The new Chapter 9 describes in some detail a series of typical pump field problems and their solutions. Each case study includes background on the pump related problem, an analysis of the problem, and the resulting solutions and lessons learned. In addition to the above, the entire book was updated to reflect the latest thinking on pumps.

A number of helpful new sections were added, such as the ten steps to determine total head that are summarized in Chapter 2 and the mechanical seal piping plans that are discussed and illustrated in Chapter 5. The first two editions of the book included a demo CD of the PIPE-FLO Professional piping design and analysis software. With this third edition we have switched to a downloadable demo of the software. PIPE-FLO and other piping design and analysis software programs are discussed in some depth in Chapter 3.

Use of a software tool to design or analyze a piping system should be considered if the system is complex (e.g., has multiple branches or loops, includes multiple pumps or a single pump at multiple speeds, or uses a fluid with properties much different from water). Using a software tool to size pipes and determine pump total head allows the piping and pumps to be matched more accurately to the expected demands of the system, and helps to keep the pump from being oversized, thus saving energy and reducing pump maintenance costs. It also gives the system designer or operator a much better understanding of how the pump responds to changes in levels, flows, pressures, and valve positions.

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