Project Management Toolkit pdf free download

Project Management Toolkit pdf.

Project Management Toolkit

Project Management Toolkit free pdf download.

In South East Europe the water and transport sectors are keys to economic growth, and the operation of each sector has important environmental implications. Both sectors have similar problems: deteriorating assets, a lack of investment capital, institutional weaknesses, and policy problems. The two sectors also share the opportunity of major grant capital investment from the European Union (EU) and other bilateral assistance throughout the region. In addition, International Financial Institutions (IFIs) will be continuing to extend significant loans to the region in both sectors. 

Part of the institutional weakness in South East Europe (SEE) is a severe “management gap.” Project management “practitioners” in the region, both in government and the private sector, lack some of the basic knowledge and simple tools required to bring large-scale infrastructure projects to fruition. Through the Regional Infrastructure Program (RIP) for Water and Transport, a USAID initiative under the Stability Pact for South East Europe, Booz Allen Hamilton, in partnership with multilateral partners and local project management organizations, is collaborating to facilitate project results and improve sustainable project management capacity. 

The Project Manager’s Toolkit (PMToolkit) represents the results of RIP’s two-year journey to identify “best practices” and make available practical tools for project managers everywhere. The toolkit captures RIP’s accumulated project management experience from across SEE and presents this experience for use by others in a practical and easy to use format.

Project practitioners in SEE economies are typically caught in the middle of two opposing forces. Pulling from one direction are the forces of tradition and from the other are the forces of the modern world, of globalization, and of EU accession. RIP’s development program for project management professionals operates on the premise that transition economy professionals need to be able to operate in a “mixed” context that balances and integrates the traditional and modern domains. Given the constraints to knowledge development and information sharing in the transitional economies of SEE, RIP is actively engaged in developing and making available international project management concepts and tools that can be readily disseminated and adapted in transitional economic conditions. USAID assistance is building the domestic capability in Stability Pact nations to ensure that the project requirements are completed within stipulated parameters of quality, cost, and time. 

The PMToolkit is unique and relevant because of its focus and practical orientation. It recognizes that project management is a complex activity. Practitioners need a robust supply of pragmatic concepts and tools for accomplishing their various management tasks. Thus, the PMToolkit was developed with these requirements in mind. It is a resource that offers a full complement of easy-to-understand and easyto-apply tools for the busy practitioners involved in the project life cycle. 

While the PMToolkit is not a panacea for all project management issues in SEE countries, the authors hope it will facilitate the communication among professionals and boost infrastructure modernization – the primary basis for cross border prosperity in the region.

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