Principles of Electric Circuits, 10th Conventional Current Edition PDF

Principles of Electric Circuits, 10th Conventional Current Edition

New in This Edition

◆◆ Numerous examples including step-by-step procedures for solving problems with the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator including graphing examples, matrix algebra, phasors and more
◆◆ New instruments described with expanded discussion and use of arbitrary function generators (AFGs), arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs), oscilloscopes and probes, gaussmeters, LCR meters, thermal imaging devices, and current pulser and tracers
◆◆ New devices and applications such as magneto resistive random-access memory (MRAM), magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generators, and wave traps in power line carrier communications (PLCC)
◆◆ Many examples now include LTSpice including two examples of Bode plots with both Multisim and LTSpice results
◆◆ New discussion of dimensional analysis with examples
◆◆ New or enhanced discussion of SMD resistors, resistor power ratings, batteries, thermal imaging, ferrites and ferrite beads, contactors, and motor starters
◆◆ Added examples, safety notes, tech tips, checkup questions, history notes, new illustrations, and new and revised problems
◆◆ Expanded glossary, key terms, and biographies of famous people


  • Full-color, reader-friendly text design
  • Chapter openers include a chapter outline, introduction, objectives, key term list, Application Activity Preview, and website reference.
  • An Application Activity at the end of most chapters
  • Abundant illustrations
  • Margin features include Safety Notes, History Notes, and Tech Notes
  • Abundance of worked examples, each with a Related Problem and selected examples with a Multisim exercise and/or LTSpice exercise.
  • Each section in a chapter begins with an introduction and section objectives.
  • Section Checkups with answers at end of chapter
  • Troubleshooting sections in many chapters
  • Summary, key terms glossary, and formula list at the end of each chapter
  • True/False Quiz, multiple-choice Self-Test, and Circuit Dynamics Quiz at the end of each chapter with answers at the end of the chapter
  • Sectionalized problem set at the end of each chapter with more difficult problems indicated with an asterisk and answers to odd-numbered problems at the end of the book..
  • Comprehensive glossary of all bold-face terms in the text, including key terms, at the end of the book
  • Conventional current direction

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