Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement by Jie Han pdf

Preface of Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement by Jie Han book:

Ground improvement is popular in many countries to solve difficult geotechnical problems, especially when construction necessarily occurs in problematic soils and under difficult geotechnical conditions.

Many recent developments in equipment, materials, and design methods have made ground improvement technologies more effective, efficient, and economic. However, the state of practice for most ground improvement technologies is that the practice is ahead of theory. Some contractors have developed their proprietary technologies, design methods, and construction techniques for their competitive advantages.

Most of the existing books on ground improvement are focused on the concept, application, and case study. However, few books have been devoted to the principles and design methods of ground improvement.

This book addresses both theoretical and practical elements of the design and execution of a number of common ground improvement solutions.

This book includes detailed design procedures for most of the ground improvement methods, which enable their easy implementation in practice. The design examples and homework assignments in this book will help readers better understand the principles of each ground improvement technology and how to apply the principles to solve real problems.

This book can be used as a textbook for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students and a reference book for researchers and practicing engineers. It can also be used a guide for contractors and installers to implement ground improvement technologies in field.

Description of Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement book:

Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement is the only comprehensive, up-to-date compendium of solutions to this critical aspect of civil engineering. Dr. Jie Han, registered Professional Engineer and preeminent voice in geotechnical engineering, is the ultimate guide to the methods and best practices of ground improvement. Han walks you through various ground improvement solutions and provides theoretical and practical advice for determining which technique fits each situation.

  • Follow examples to find solutions to complex problems
  • Complete homework problems to tackle issues that present themselves in the field
  • Study design procedures for each technique to simplify field implementation
  • Brush up on modern ground improvement technologies to keep abreast of all available options

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