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Practical Variable Speed Drives And Power Electronics PDF Book

Preface of Practical Variable Speed Drives And Power Electronics.

The rapid adoption of automation techniques in industry has increased the requirement for better process control. This has resulted in many new applications for AC variable speed drives (VSDs) to control the speed and torque of driven machinery. Variable speed drives (VSDs) are also used to meet particular starting and stopping requirements. The variable speed drives book promotes a sound understanding of how VSDs work and how to correctly select, install, commission and maintain them. There is also detailed coverage of many typical applications in process control and materials handling such as those for pumping, ventilation, conveyers and hoists. This book will benefit anyone associated with the use of VSDs in the industrial or automation environment. This book will also benefit those working in system design as well as site commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting. Although a basic understanding of electrical engineering principles is essential, even those with a superficial knowledge of VSDs will substantially benefit from this book. In particular, if you work in any of the following areas, you will benefit from this book:

• Consulting electrical engineers

• Plant engineers and instrument technicians

• Operations technicians

• Electrical maintenance technicians and supervisors

• Instrumentation and control system engineers

• Process control engineers

• Mechanical engineers

We would hope that you will learn the following from this book:

• The principles of AC variable speed drives for industrial speed control

• The essentials of squirrel cage induction motors

• The latest developments in power electronic converters used for VSDs

• How to select the correct AC variable speed drive for industrial applications

• How to identify faults on VSDs and how to rectify them

• The key issues about flux vector control and how it can be used in drive applications

• The main concepts in interfacing the control circuits of VSDs with PLCs/DCSs using serial data communications

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