Practical Raspberry Pi Projects 2nd Edition PDF

Practical Raspberry Pi Projects

Preface of Practical Raspberry Pi Projects 2nd Edition

For a device that can fit in the palm of your hand, the Raspberry Pi has had a pretty colossal impact since its launch in 2012. In just a few short years it’s changed the way computer science is taught in schools, it’s been used in some amazing projects at Raspberry Jam events across the world, and it’s inspired a new generation of coders to create and craft new gadgets. No matter your age or experience level, there’s a Pi project for you, and in Practical Raspberry Pi Projects we’re giving you everything you need to fire up your imagination and unleash your creativity. From hardware-based projects like building a Raspberry Pi-controlled car, through software projects like coding a simple synth, all the way to advanced electronics projects that will see you transforming your Pi into a retro NES, alarm clock robot or quadcopter, we’ve got plenty here to keep you busy.


  • 10 practical Raspberry Pi projects – Follow along with our expert advice and kick-start your own amazing Raspberry Pi projects.
  • Build a Raspberry Pi car computer – Make your own touchscreen navigation system that gives directions, local weather reports and plays music.
  • Assemble a Minecraft power move glove – Create a piece of wearable tech with power moves assigned to each button.
  • 20 Raspberry Pi hacking projects – Get the inside story on how to replicate the greatest Raspberry Pi hardware hacks.

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