Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities 2nd Edition Compiled and Edited by Heinz P. Bloch pdf download

Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities 2nd Edition Compiled and Edited by Heinz P. Bloch.

How and why this book was compiled. Back to the scope and purpose of this book. In this brief foreword I also wanted to illustrate how readers will get the most out of this text. You really don’t have to read every page, but you need to know how I have made good use of this type of material for about fifty years. 

Years ago I set out to assemble practical and important lubrication and lubricant topics into a format that satisfies such principal requirements as technical relevance, readability, and applicability to the widely varying needs of modern industrial plants. Modern   industrial plants include appliance makers, foundries and mining equipment makers, petroleum refineries and facilities that use air compressors. There is simply no end to the listings of industries and users whose lubrication requirements—and needs for lubricants—can vary greatly. This understanding caused me to tap into many available resources; these included Klueber Lubrication in Munich/Germany, Royal Purple in Porter/Texas and, especially, the Lube Marketing Department of my old employer, Exxon, in Houston/ Texas. These folks know their business and are among the many deserving of my sincere gratitude for allowing me to use so much of their outstanding, commercially available material. 

The world’s best manufacturers and formulators of lubricants are constantly seeking to improve products to keep pace with the  development of higher-speed machinery, or equipment that is run at over 100 percent of name plate capacity, or machines that are being subjected to temperature extremes, extended oil drain intervals, or just plain simple abuse. In short, even as we read these introductory pages, new lubricants are in the process of being developed; they will go beyond the capabilities of today’s already exceptional products. Still, few if any of the products described in this text have changed since the First Edition was compiled in the late 1990s. We should consider them “legacy brands,” tried and tested and found worthy of consideration by a reliability-focused user. While the principles of lubrication are extremely well understood and will never change, the reader should nevertheless realize that the only constant in the overall equation that represents lubrication is change. In other words, we can be certain that by the time this Second Edition goes to press in 2009, some product specifications, characteristics and “typical inspections” described in our text will have changed, or (in isolated instances) even been replaced, by another product name. However, this should in no way deter us from using this text as an important reference. It will most assuredly enable the reliability professional, mechanic, machinist, or lubrication specialist to acquire an understanding of what’s important in a lubricant. This understanding will allow that person to establish an intelligent discourse with the lube supplier; it will lead to asking relevant questions and separate mere sales talk and unsupported claims from facts.

Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities 2nd Edition Compiled and Edited by Heinz P. Bloch pdf download

Although compiling and editing was greatly facilitated by the cooperation of the companies whose literature and experience I reviewed in great detail, the book will always be incomplete.  ExxonMobil alone produces numerous grades of waxes, as I’m sure other manufacturers do also. The inclusion of all available selections and options, formulations and gradations would have made the book bulky and expensive, while still not allowing the reader to bypass the all-important contact with the manufacturer’s marketing specialist. Moreover, the readability of the text would not necessarily have been improved by attempts to include every one of the literally hundreds of lubrication products available to the sophisticated buyer.

Using the text to best advantage. While I had made the decision to limit my coverage to Klueber-Summit, Royal Purple and Exxon, it was certainly not my intention to advertise their products to the exclusion of lubricants offered by worthy competitors. But, let the reader remember the root of the term “competitor.” To be considered as your supplier, a competitor should be able to demonstrate competence. Hopefully, this text will allow you to do some screening for competence. There are many ways to screen suitable lubricants from the ones you may want to avoid, and the material included in this text should facilitate the screening task. For instance, the reader would look at the typical specifications of a premium-grade turbine oil that is being offered to his plant by a certain vendor, and compare it against the specifications, or performance characteristics of premium grade turbine oils described in this text. Any deviations would provide the basis for questions and follow-up discourse with suppliers.
” Heinz P. Bloch”

Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1 Principles of Lubrication
Chapter 2 Lubricant Categories
Chapter 3 Lubricant Testing
Chapter 4 General Purpose R&O Oils 
Chapter 5 Hydraulic Fluids
Chapter 6 Food Grade and “Environmentally Friendly” Lubricants
Chapter 7 Synthetic Lubricants 
Chapter 8 Lubricants for Forest Product and Paper Machines 
Chapter 9 Lubricating Greases 
Chapter 10 Pastes, Waxes and Tribosystems
Chapter 11 Constant Level, Centralized, and Oil Mist Lubrication Systems 
Chapter 12 Bearings and Other Machine Elements
Chapter 13 Lubrication Strategies for Electric Motor Bearings 
Chapter 14 Gear Lubrication
Chapter 15 Compressors and Gas Engines 
Chapter 16 Steam and Gas Turbines 
Chapter 17 Lube Oil Contamination and On-stream Oil Purification
Chapter 18 Storage Methods and Lubricant Handling.

Chapter 19 Successful Oil Analysis Practices in the Industrial Plant 

Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities, Second Edition.

Book Details:
Authors: Heinz P. Bloch
Edition: 2nd edition
Publisher: Fairmont Press
Puplication Date: May 13, 2009
Language: English
Pages: 480
Size: 17.1MB
Format: PDF

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