Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design (Artech House Microwave Library) by Les Thede pdf

Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design (Artech House Microwave Library) by Les Thede pdf.

Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design

Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design (Artech House Microwave Library) by Les Thede pdf.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Filters and Filter Design Software
Chapter 2 Analog Filter Approximation Functions 
Chapter 3 Analog Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and Bandstop Filters 5
Chapter 4 Analog Filter Implementation Using Active Filters 
Chapter 5 Introduction to Discrete-Time Systems 
Chapter 6 Infinite Impulse Response Digital Filter Design 
Chapter 7 Finite Impulse Response Digital Filter Design 
Chapter 8 Digital Filter Implementation Using C 
Chapter 9 Digital Filtering Using the FFT 

This book was intentionally written to be different from other filter design books in two important ways. First, the most common analog and digital filter design and implementation methods are covered in a no-nonsense manner. All important derivations and descriptions are provided to allow the reader to apply them directly to his or her own filter design problem. Over forty examples are provided to help illustrate the fundamentals of filter design. Not only are the details of analog active and digital IIR and FIR filter design presented in an organized and direct manner, but implementation issues are discussed to alert the reader to potential pitfalls. An added feature to this text is the discussion of fast Fourier transforms and how they can be used in filtering applications. The simulation of analog filters is made easier by the generation of PSpice circuit description files that include R-C component values calculated directly from the filter coefficients. In addition, the testing of IIR and FIR filters designed for audio signals is enhanced by providing sample sound files that can be filtered by using the digital filter design coefficients. Anyone with a sound card on their computer can then play the original and processed sound files for immediate evaluation. 

The second difference between this book and others is that the text is accompanied by WFilter, a fully functional, Windows®-based filter design software package, and the source code on which it is based. The CD provides the reader with the ability to install WFilter with a few simple clicks of the mouse, and also supplies the reader with the well organized and clearly documented source code detailing the intricacies of filter design. No, the source code provided is not just a collection of fragmented functions, but rather a set of three organized programs that have been developed (with the addition of an easy-to-use graphical interface) into the organized structure of Filter. 

A basic knowledge of C programming is expected of the reader, but the code presented in the text and the appendixes is thoroughly discussed and well documented. The text does assume the reader is familiar with the fundamental concepts of linear systems such as system transfer functions and frequency response although no prior knowledge of filter design is needed.

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