Power Plant Engineering by A.K. Raja pdf download

Power Plant Engineering by A.K. Raja.
Power Plant Engineering by A.K. Raja

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PrefaceThere have been significant developments and advances in the field of power plant engineering, computer applications on energy audit and management, environmental audit and management, human development and environment. The authors have been encouraged to write this pioneer book for the benefit of students of engineering and researchers due to their contribution in power generation covering the syllabi of conventional power plants i.e., Power Plant Engineering, at the international level in general as text cum reference book.
This book being pilot project of the authors specially in the area of conventional power plant will satisfy the engineering scholars as well as researchers in the field of direct energy conversion devices. In the present book the syllabi enclosed has been covered in the most lucid manner from power plant point of view to avoid the unnecessary bulkiness and to reduce the cost of the price for the benefit of our beloved students of engineering in particular and others in general. We have written this pioneering book on the basis of syllabi in the most lucid and compact manner for the benefit of the students and the readers.
The authors are greatly indebted to Ch. Sunil Singh, Chairman, SITM Lucknow, Mr. K.C. Mishra Suptt. Engineer, Saudia Electric Co. Saudi Arabia, for their great encouragement in writing this book. Without their support and help we would not have been able to accomplish this tough and challenging work.
In the end the authors will feel obliged for critical and useful suggestions since this pioneer book covers the syllabi in the most useful area of Mechanical Engineering in particular and is applicable for all branches of technology and engg. for all major Indian Universities, as well as at international level.
A.K. Raja
Amit P. Srivastava
Manish Dwivedi
⏩Utilization of non-conventional energy resources
Gives latest informations in Power Plant Engineering
Includes green house effect
Include large number of problems of both Indian and foreign universities
introduction: The whole world is in the grip of energy crisis and the pollution manifesting itself in the spiraling cost of energy and uncomforted due to increase in pollution as well as the depletion of conventional energy resources and increasing curve of pollution elements. To meet these challenges one way is to check growing energy demand but that would show down the economic growth as first step and to develop nonpolluting energy conversion system as second step. It is commonly accepted that the standard of living increases with increasing energy consumption per capita. Any consideration of energy requirement and supply has to take into account the increase conservation measures. On the industrial font, emphasis must be placed on the increased with constant effort to reduce energy consumption. Fundamental changes in the process, production and services can affect considerable energy saving without affecting the overall economy. It need not be over emphasized that in house hold commercial and industrial use of energy has considerable scope in energy saving. Attempt at understanding the integrated relationship between environment and energy have given shape due to development of R-134a, (an non pollutant refrirgent) to emerging descipling of environmental management. The government of India has laid down the policy “it is imperative that we carefully utilize our renewal (i.e., non-decaying) resources of soil water, plant and animal live to sustain our economic development” our exploration or exploitation of these is reflected in soil erosion, salutation, floods and rapid destruction of our forest, floral and wild life resources. The depletion of these resources often tends to be irreversible since bulk of our population depends on these natural resources. Depletion of these natural resources such as fuel, fodder, and housing power plant.
Chapter 1: Fundamental of Power Plant 
Chapter 2: Non-Conventional Energy Resources and Utilisation 
Chapter 3: Power Plant Economics and Variable Load Problem
Chapter 4 : Steam Power Plant 
Chapter 5 : Steam Generator 
Chapter 6 : Steam Turbine 
Chapter 7 : Fuels and Combustion 
Chapter 8 : Diesel Power Plant
Chapter 9 : Gas Turbine Power Plant
Chapter 10 : Nuclear Power Plant
Chapter 11 : Hydro-Electric Power Plants 
Chapter 12 : Electrical System 
Chapter 13 : Pollution and its Control
Power Plant Engineering by A.K. Raja pdf.
Book Details:
⏩Author:  A.K. Raja 
⏩Publisher: New Age International; First edition (1 January 2006)
⏩Puplication Date: 1 January 2006
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 491
⏩Size: 4.28 MB
⏩Format: PDF
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