Power Electronics Circuits Devices and Applications 3rd Edition pdf

Power Electronics Circuits Devices and Applications 3rd Edition pdf

Power Electronics Circuits Devices and Applications By Muhammad H Rashid

The purpose of Power Electronics Handbook is to provide a reference that is both concise and useful for engineering students and practicing professionals. It is designed to cover a wide range of topics that make up the field of power electronics in a well-organized and highly informative manner. The Handbook is a careful blend of both traditional topics and new advancements. Special emphasis is placed on practical applications; thus, this Handbook is not a theoretical one, but an enlightening presentation of the usefulness of the rapidly growing field of power electronics. The presentation is tutorial in nature in order to enhance the value of the book to the reader and foster a clear understanding of the material.

The contributors to this Handbook span the globe, with fifty-four authors from twelve different countries, some of whom are the leading authorities in their areas of expertise. All were chosen because of their intimate knowledge of their subjects, and their contributions make this a comprehensive stateof-the-art guide to the expanding field of power electronics and its applications covering the following:

• the characteristics of modern power semiconductor devices, which are used as switches to perform the power conversions from ac-dc, dc-dc, dc-ac, and ac-ac;

• both the fundamental principles and in-depth study of the operation, analysis, and design of various power converters; and

• examples of recent applications of power electronics

Power Electronics Circuits Devices and Applications 3rd Edition pdf

Organization :

The Handbook starts with an introductory chapter and moves on to cover topics on power semiconductor devices, power converters, applications, and peripheral issues. The book is organized into nine areas, the first of which includes chapters on operation and characterizations of the following power semiconductor devices: power diode, thyristor, gate turn-off thyristor (GTO), power bipolar transistor (BJT), power MOSFET, insulated gate bipolar transistor, MOS-controlled thyristor (MCT), and static induction devices. The next topic area includes chapters covering various types of power converters, the principles of operation, and the methods for the analysis and design of power converters. This also includes gate drive circuits and control methods for power converters.

The next two chapters cover applications in power supplies, electronic ballasts, HVDC transmission, VAR compensation, pulse power, and capacitor charging. The following two chapters focus on the operation, theory, and control methods of motor drives and automotive systems. We then move on to two chapters on power quality issues and active filters, and two chapters on computer simulation, packaging and smart power systems. The final chapter is on energy sources, storage, and transmission.

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