Power Electronics Basics: Operating Principles, Design, Formulas, and Applications 1st Edition free pdf format


Power Electronics Basics: Operating Principles, Design, Formulas, and Applications 1st Edition

Efficiency of the use of electrical energy can be significantly improved by means of power electronics. The latter is the fastest growing field of electrical engineering. This book is devoted to the world of power electronics. It presents and explains the basics and the most important concepts of power electronics. It also gives us the fundamental knowledge for analysis and design in its area. Readers will find many practical examples that demonstrate the achievements and prospects of developing and using power electronics including mainstream such as renewable energy production, transferring, and distribution.

This book will be of interest to many readers including graduate students, industry professionals, researchers, and academics. The authors express their gratitude to all who helped in the creation of this book.

This concise and user-friendly resource:
– Explains the basic concepts and most important terms of power electronics
– Describes the power assemblies, control, and passive components of semiconductor power switches
– Covers the control of power electronic devices, from mathematical modeling to the analysis of the electrical processes
– Addresses pulse-width modulation, power quality control, and multilevel, modular, and multicell power converter topologies 
– Discusses line-commutated and resonant converters, as well as inverters and AC converters based on completely controllable switches
– Explores cutting-edge applications of power electronics, including renewable energy production and storage, fuel cells, and electric drives

It is a great handbook of power electronics. It contains a deeply comprehensive and up-to-date overview of both the building blocks and the converter topologies. The book is unique in linking its main power electronics part to particular control methods as well as to particular applications. This approach helps anybody not directly experienced in this field to understand power electronics in the context of its typical use. The control engineers then can better understand specialties and limitation of particular control methods regarding power switches. 

Finally, for university students, this book also shall be a signpost referring additional topics that cannot be the subject of ordinary instruction for time reasons, and it shall convey to students the overall picture.

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Download Power Electronics Basics: Operating Principles, Design, Formulas, and Applications 1st Edition by Yuriy Rozanov, Sergey E. Ryvkin, Evgeny Chaplygin, Pavel Voronin in free pdf format.

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