PMP Exam Prep Ninth Edition by Rita Mulcahy PDF

PMP Exam Prep Ninth Edition by Rita Mulcahy PDF

Rita Mulcahays PMP EXAM PREP 9th edition by Rita Mulcahy


Chapter 1 Tricks of the Trade~ for Studying for This Exam
Chapter 2 Project Management Framework
Chapter 3 Project Management Processes
Chapter 4 Integration Management
Chapter 5 Scope Management
Chapter 6 Schedule Management
Chapter 7 Cost Management
Chapter 8 Quality Management
Chapter 9 Resource Management
Chapter 1 O Communications Management
Chapter 11 Risk Management
Chapter 12 Procurement Management
Chapter 13 Stakeholder Management
Chapter 14 Professional and Social Responsibility
Chapter 15 The PMP Exam: Tips for Passing the Exam the First-time

the process of managing project knowledge is now covered in the P1\1BOK” Guide. This process includes the management of knowledge and information, and results in the creation of a lessons learned register. We’ve updated our Integration Management chapter to include this process and to emphasize the concept that any previous organizational knowledge can be leveraged to help produce or improve the outcomes of a project. Another big cl1ange within the PMBOK” Guide is the addition of implement Risk Responses as its own process and the expansion of risk management. As part of that expansion, the Control Risks process was renamed Monitor Risks. We’ve updated our Risk Management chapter to reflect these changes.

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