Plumber's and Pipe Fitter's Calculations Manual by R. Dodge Woodson pdf download

Plumber’s and Pipe Fitter’s Calculations Manual by R. Dodge Woodson pdf.

Plumber's and Pipe Fitter's Calculations Manual

Plumber’s and Pipe Fitter’s Calculations Manual by R. Dodge Woodson.

CHAPTER 1 ■ General Trade Mathematics 
CHAPTER 2 ■ Formulas for Pipe Fitters  
CHAPTER 3 ■ Potable Water Systems Calculations 
CHAPTER 4 ■ Drain-And-Sewer Calculations  
CHAPTER 5 ■ Vent System Calculations  
CHAPTER 6 ■ Storm-Water Calculations  
CHAPTER 7 ■ Sizing Water Heaters  
CHAPTER 8 ■ Water Pumps  
CHAPTER 9 ■ Calculating Minimum Plumbing Facilities   
CHAPTER 10 ■ Calculating Proper Fixture Spacing 
CHAPTER 11 ■ Math for Materials  
CHAPTER 12 ■ Troubleshooting 
CHAPTER 14 ■ Septic Considerations  

Preface of Plumber’s and Pipe Fitter’s Calculations Manual by R. Dodge Woodson book:
This book is your ticket to smooth sailing when it comes to doing the math for plumbing and pipe fitting. Most of the work is already done for you when you consult the many tables and references contained in these pages. Why waste time with calculators and complicated mathematical equations when you can turn to the ready-reference tables here and have the answers at your fingertips? There is no reason to take the difficult path when you can put your field skills to better use and make more money. 

A few words of advice are needed here. Our country uses multiple plumbing codes. Every code jurisdiction can adopt a particular code and amend it to their local needs. It is impossible to provide one code source to serve every plumber’s needs. The code tables in this book are meant to be used as representative samples of how to arrive at your local requirements, but they are not a substitution for your regional code book. Always consult your local code before installing plumbing. 

The major codes at this time are the International Plumbing Code and the Uniform Plumbing Code. Both are excellent codes. There have been many code developments in recent years. In addition to these two major codes, there are smaller codes in place that are still active. I want to stress that this is not a handbook to the plumbing code; this is a calculations manual. If you are interested in a pure code interpretation, you can review one of my other McGraw-Hill books entitled: International and Uniform Plumbing Codes Handbook.

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Download Plumber’s and Pipe Fitter’s Calculations Manual 2nd edition by R. Dodge Woodson in free pdf format.

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