Piping and Pipe Support Systems: Design and Engineering pdf

Piping And Pipe Support Systems: Design And Engineering

Piping and Pipe Support Systems: Design and Engineering

The material is presented in what the authors believe to the most logical order of study for a reader with minimum foreknowledge of piping and support engineering. Readers may read only those sections that best suit their needs.

The first three chapters serve as an introduction to the engineer unfamiliar with the field. Chapter I introduces the subject of piping systems and engineering applications; (Chap. 2 comprises historical and technical coverage of the various codes and regulatory bodies influencing piping design; and Chap. 3 describes the different design drawings and other technical documentation required when designing piping systems. The next two chapters deal with piping loadings: Chap. 4 outlines pipe stress requirements, and Chap. 5 covers the determination of support loads.

The final four chapters rover the actual details of piping and support design. Chapter 6 describes the various types and uses of pipe support hardware; Chap. 7 details the steps of the support design process. from initial support location through the design. fabrication, and installation stages; Chap. 8 covers nominal calculation techniques for the analysis of the pipe pressure boundary, hardware capacity, structural steel. welding, and baseplates; and Chap. 9 explains the use of the computer in engineering design, drafting, and analysis. Sample computer calculations fur pipe stress and structural supports are presented.

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Piping and Pipe Support Systems is the only comprehensive and state-of-the-art reference text in the rapidly evolving field of piping design. Full of practical “how-to” information, the book offers manual as well as computer-assisted methods for the design and analysis of piping and pipe support systems that conform with ANSI standards and other regulatory codes. The design criteria, codes, standards, and regulations are explained for: power piping; chemical plant and refining piping; liquid petroleum transportation piping systems; gas transmission and distribution piping; nuclear power piping. Clear, thorough, and up-to-date, this text is required reading for all professionals and students of this rapidly field.

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