Pipe drafting and design 3rd Edition by Roy A. Parisher & Robert A. Rhea pdf

Pipe drafting and design by Roy A. Parisher & Robert A. Rhea

Pipe drafting and design by Roy A. Parisher & Robert A. Rhea

Designers of pressure vessels and related equipment frequently have design information scattered among numerous books, periodicals, journals, and old notes. Then, when faced with a particular problem, they spend hours researching its solution only to discover the execution may have been rather simple.

This book can eliminate those hours of research by providing a step-by-step approach to the problems most frequently encountered in the design of pressure vessels. This book makes no claim to originality other than that of format. The material is organized in the most concise and functionally useful manner. Whenever possible, credit has been given to the original sources.

Although eve^ effort has been made to obtain the most accurate data and solutions, it is the nature of engineering that certain simplifying assumptions be made. Solutions achieved should be viewed in this light, and where judgments are required, they should be made with due consideration. Many experienced designers will have already performed many of the calculations outlined in this book, but will find the approach slightly different. All procedures have been developed and proven, using actual design problems. The procedures are easily repeatable to ensure consistency of execution. They also can be modified to incorporate changes in codes, standards, contracts, or local requirements. Everything required for the solution of an individual problem is contained in the procedure.

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This book may be used directly to solve problems, as a guideline, as a logical approach to problems, or as a check to alternative design methods. If more detailed solutions are required, the approach shown can be amplified where required. The user of this book should be advised that any code formulas or references should always be checked against the latest editions of codes, Le., ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Uniform Building Code, arid ASCE 7-95. These codes are continually updated and revised to incorporate the latest available data.

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