Physics for the IB Diploma Third Edition by Gregg Kerr and Paul Ruth pdf download

Physics for the IB Diploma Third Edition by Gregg Kerr and Paul Ruth pdf.

Physics for the IB Diploma Third Edition by Gregg Kerr and Paul Ruth

Physics for the IB Diploma Third Edition by Gregg Kerr and Paul Ruth.

This third edition is based on the revised International Baccalaureate Physics syllabus (@IBO 2007) that will be examined for the first time in May 2009. The authors, as in the first and second editions, have attempted to develop the relevant theory with the objectives of the syllabus assessment statements in mind.

The major changes to the syllabus are the inclusion of several new topics, several new options, and option structure and the inclusion of assessment statements that specifically address Aim 8 (awareness of moral, ethical, social, economic, and environmental implications of physics). In order that physics is not seen as just an academic subject, an effort is also made to link various topics with the role that they play in technology.

It should be mentioned that the level of expected understanding of uncertainties and error analysis is now the same for both SL and HL students. A completely new topic “Digital Technology (Topic 14) has been included that reflects the profound changes that the development of digital technology has had on the capture and storage of data.

The layout of the new book is different from the second edition in the respect that each chapter now corresponds to a syllabus topic. So for example Chapter 14 is syllabus topic 14 “Digital Technology”. Each sub-topic within a chapter now has the same number as the syllabus sub-topic to which it refers and each sub-division within the chapter sub-topic has the same number as the assessment statement to which it refers. So for example, in chapter 14 there are the sub-heading 14.1 “Analogue and digital signals” and within this, there is the heading 14.1.2 “Describe different means of storage of information”.

Although this book might not be regarded as a conventional textbook, many ideas are discussed in detail particularly those ideas that, in the authors’ experience as teachers, students find it difficult to comprehend first acquaintance. It is hoped that both students and teachers will find these discussions useful, as they will the worked examples and exercises. However, the exercises and examples supplied do not necessarily reflect the views of the Senior Examining team appointed by the International Baccalaureate. Nor does the book in any way suggest the way and the order in which the syllabus should be taught. In line with I.B policy, such decisions are left to the individual teacher, as is the choice of resources that the teacher might wish to use.

The authors have obviously tried to be accurate in the presentation of the material and also in the answers to the exercises and examples. However, they strongly welcome feedback on any errors that may be spotted by students or teachers. Such errors will be corrected in future reprints of this book.
The authors

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