Physics for the IB Diploma Sixth Edition by K. A. Tsokos pdf download

Physics for the IB Diploma Sixth Edition by K. A. Tsokos pdf.

Physics for the IB Diploma Sixth Edition by K. A. Tsokos

Physics for the IB Diploma Sixth Edition by K. A. Tsokos.

This sixth edition of Physics for the IB Diploma is fully updated to cover the content of the IB Physics Diploma syllabus that will be examined in the years 2016–2022. 

Physics may be studied at Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL). Both share a common core, which is covered in Topics 1–8. At HL the core is extended to include Topics 9–12. In addition, at both levels, students then choose one Option to complete their studies. Each option consists of common core and additional Higher Level material. You can identify the HL content in this book by ‘HL’ included in the topic title (or section title in the Options), and by the red page border. 

Each topic in the book matches a syllabus topic, and the sections within each topic mirror the sections in the syllabus. Each section begins with learning objectives as starting and reference points. Worked examples are included in each section; understanding these examples is crucial to performing well in the exam. A large number of test yourself questions are included at the end of each section and each topic ends with exam-style questions. 

The reader is strongly encouraged to do as many of these questions as possible. Numerical answers to the test yourself questions are provided at the end of the book; detailed solutions to all questions are available on the website. Some topics have additional questions online; these are indicated with the online symbol, shown here. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) provides a cross-curricular link between different subjects. It stimulates thought about critical thinking and how we can say we know what we claim to know. Throughout this book, TOK features highlight concepts in Physics that can be considered from a TOK perspective. These are indicated by the ‘TOK’ logo, shown here. Science is a truly international endeavor, being practiced across all continents, frequently in international or even global partnerships. Many problems that science aims to solve are international and will require globally implemented solutions. 

Throughout this book, InternationalMindedness features highlight international concerns in Physics. These are indicated by the ‘International-Mindedness’ logo, shown here. The nature of science is an overarching theme of the Physics course. The theme examines the processes and concepts that are central to scientific c endeavor, and how science serves and connects with the wider community. At the end of each section in this book, there is a ‘Nature of science’ paragraph that discusses a particular concept or discovery from the point of view of one or more aspects of the nature of science. A chapter giving a general introduction to the Nature of science theme is available in the free online material.

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