Offshore Structures: Design, Construction and Maintenance 1st Edition by Mohamed A. El-Reed pdf download

Offshore Structures: Design, Construction and Maintenance 1st Edition by Mohamed A. El-Reed pdf.

Offshore Structures: Design, Construction and Maintenance 1st Edition by Mohamed A. El-Reed

Offshore Structures: Design, Construction and Maintenance pdf.

Preface of Offshore Structures: Design, Construction and Maintenance book:
This book aims to cover the design, construction and maintenance of offshore platforms in detail, with comprehensive focus on the critical issues in design that the designer usually faces. The book also provides the simplest design tools, based on the most popular codes (such as API and ISO) and the other technical standards and practices that are usually used in offshore structure design. In addition, it is important to focus on methods for controlling and reviewing the design that most engineers will face in the review cycle, so this book covers the whole range of the offshore structure engineer’s activities.

Corrosion of offshore structure platforms costs a lot of money to control and to maintain within the allowance limit so that it will not affect the structure’s integrity, so methods for designing and selecting a suitable cathodic protection system and the advanced methods of protecting the structure from corrosion are very important to the structural engineer, and they are considered in depth in this text. 

An offshore structure platform is a considerable asset in the oil and gas industry, so another goal of this book is to assist the structural engineer in making decisions in design that take into consideration the factors, parameters and constraints faced by the owner that control the options and alternatives in the engineering studies phase.

Furthermore, it is very important to the owner, engineering firm, and contractor that the offshore project’s lifespan is identified. In other words, the structural engineer should have an overview of the relation between the structure’s system and its configuration from both an economic and an engineering point of view. Most offshore structure platforms were constructed worldwide in the period of growing oil investment between 1970 and 1980, so these platforms now are over 40 years old. Consequently, a lot of mature offshore structures are going through rehabilitation designed to increase and maintain their structural reliability. Development of the integrity management system with up-to-date and advanced techniques for qualitative and quantitative risk assessment has been essential to the risk-based inspection and maintenance planning that enhances the reliability of platforms during their lifespan. Accordingly, this book provides advanced techniques for topside and underwater inspection and assessment of offshore structure platforms, as well as ways to implement the maintenance and rehabilitation plan for the platform that matches business requirements. 

It is also important to present case studies of the repair and strengthening of platforms and the methods of decommissioning platforms when required. 

This book is intended to be a guidebook for junior and senior engineers who work in design, construction, repair, and maintenance of fixed offshore structure platforms. 

The text serves as an overview of, and a practical guide to, traditional and advanced techniques in design, construction, installation, inspection, and rehabilitation of fixed offshore structure platforms, along with the principles of repairing and strengthening the structures and the methodology for delivering a maintenance plan for the fleet of platforms.

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