Nuclear Power by Richard Hantula, Debra Voeg pdf download

Nuclear Power by Richard Hantula, Debra Voeg.

Nuclear Power by Richard Hantula, Debra Voeg

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CHAPTER 1: Energy from Atoms  
CHAPTER 2: Splitting Atoms for Power 
CHAPTER 3: The Case for Nuclear Power  
CHAPTER 4: Problems with Nuclear Power  
CHAPTER 5: Prospects and Plans Glossary 
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Though nuclear energy provides much more power than fossils fuels like coal, its use is hotly debated because of the potential for radiation seeping into surrounding areas. Still, it is widely used and has developed immensely in recent years. From its development to its environmental impacts, Nuclear Power discusses the positive and negative implications of this hotly debated source of energy.

Read these books:
Kidd, J. S., and Renee A. Kidd. Nuclear Power—The Study of Quarks &
 Sparks. New York: Chelsea House, 2006.
McLeish, Ewan. The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power. New York:
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Look up these Web sites:
American Nuclear Society
How Nuclear Power Works
Nuclear Energy Student Zone
Nuclear Energy Kids Page
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Students’ Corner
Key Internet search terms:
atom, atomic energy, fi ssion, fusion, nuclear energy,
nuclear power, nuclear reactor

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Nuclear Power by Richard Hantula, Debra Voeg pdf.

Book Details:
⏩Authors: Richard Hantula, Debra Voeg
⏩Publisher: Chelsea Clubhouse; 1 edition (May 1, 2010)
⏩Puplication Date: May 1, 2010
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 49
⏩Size: 4.44 MB
⏩Format: pdf

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