Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book Third edition By Roger L. Timings pdf download

Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book Third edition By Roger L. Timings.

Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book Third edition By Roger L. Timings

The book in PDF Format with title Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book Third edition By Roger L. Timings is available to download for free and Download Link is at the end of the article 

1 Engineering Mathematics
2 Engineering Statics
3 Engineering Dynamics
4 Fastenings
5 Power Transmission
6 Engineering Materials
7 Linear and Geometric Tolerancing of Dimensions
8 Computer-Aided Engineering
Appendix 1 BSI Standards: Sales Order and Enquiry Contacts  
Appendix 2 Library Sets of British Standards in the UK  
Appendix 3 Contributing Companies  
Appendix 4 Useful References 

It is now 14 years since the first edition of the Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book was published in its present format. Although a second edition was published some 7 years ago to accommodate many updates in the British Standards incorporated in the text, no changes were made to the structure of the book.

During the 14 years since the first edition of the Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book was published, the British Engineering Industry has undergone many changes, with the emphasis moving from manufacture to design and development. At the same time manufacturing has been largely out-sourced to East Europe, Asia and the Far East in order to reduce operating costs in an increasingly competitive global market.

Therefore, before embarking on this third edition, the Publishers and the Author have undertaken an extensive market research exercise. The main outcomes from this research have indicated that:

● The demand has changed from an engineering manufacturing driven pocket book to an engineering design driven pocket book.
● More information was requested on such topic areas as roller chain drives, pneumatic systems and hydraulic systems in the section on power transmission.
● More information was requested on selected topic areas concerning engineering statics, dynamics and mathematics.
● Topic areas that have fallen out of favour are those related to cutting tools. Cutting tool data is considered less important now that the emphasis has move from manufacture to design. Further, cutting tool data is now widely available on the web sites of cutting tool manufacturers. A selection of useful web sites are included in Appendix 4.
Roger L. Timings (2005)

All separate amendments to the date of despatch are included with any main publication ordered. Prices are available on application. The amendment is then incorporated within the next reprint of the publication and the text carries a statement drawing attention to this, and includes an indication in the margin at the appropriate places on the amended pages.

The policy of the BSI is for every standard to be reviewed by the technical committee responsible not more than 5 years after publication, in order to establish whether it is still current and, if it is not, to identify and set in hand appropriate action. Circumstances may lead to an earlier review.

When reviewing a standard a committee has four options available:
● Withdrawal: indicating that the standard is no longer current.
● Declaration of Obscelence: indicating by amendment that the standard is not recommended for use in new equipment, but needs to be retained for the servicing of existing equipment that is expected to have a long service life.
● Revision: involving the procedure for new projects.
● Confirmation: indicating the continuing currency of the standard without full revision. Following confirmation of a publication, stock of copies are overstamped with the month and year of confirmation.

The latest issue of standards should always be used in new product designs and equipments. However many products are still being manufactured to obsolescent and obsolete standards to satisfy a still buoyant demand. This is not only for maintenance purposes but also for current manufacture where market forces have not yet demanded an update in design. This is particularly true of screwed fasteners. For this reason the existing screw thread tables from the previous editions have been retained and stand alongside the new BE EN ISO requirements.

The new standards are generally more detailed and prescriptive than there predecessors, therefore there is only room to include the essential information tables in this Pocket Book as a guide. Where further information is required the full standard should always be consulted and a list of libraries holding up-to-date sets of standards is included in an appendix at the end of this book. The standards quoted in the Pocket Book are up-todate at the time of publication but, in view of the BSI’s policy of regular reviews, some may become subject to revision within the life of this book.

For this reason the validity of the standards quoted should always be verified. The BSI helpline should be consulted.

This Pocket Book has been prepared as an aid to mechanical engineers engaged in the design, development and manufacture of engineering products and equipment. It is also a useful source book for others who require a quick, day-to-day reference of engineering information. For easy reference this book is divided into 8 main sections, namely:

1. Mathematics
2. Engineering statics
3. Engineering dynamics
4. Fasteners
5. Power transmission
6. Materials
7. Linear and geometrical tolerancing
8. Computer aided engineering.

Within these main sections the material has been assembled in a logical sequence for easy reference and numbered accordingly. This enables the reader to be lead directly to the item required by means of a comprehensive list contents and the inclusion of a comprehensive alphabetical index.

This Pocket Book is not a text book but a compilation of useful information. Therefore in the sections concerned with mathematics, statics and dynamics worked examples are only included where anomalies might otherwise occur. The author is indebted to the British Standards Institution and to all the industrial and commercial companies in the UK and abroad who have co-operated in providing up-to-date data in so many technical areas. Unfortunately, limitations of space have allowed only abstracts to be included from amongst the wealth of material provided. Therefore the reader is strongly recommended to consult the complete standards, industrial manuals, design manuals or catalogues after an initial perusal of the tables of data found in this book. To this end, an appendix is provided with the names and addresses of the contributors to this book. They all have useful web sites where additional information may be found.

The section on computer-aided manufacture has been deleted from this edition as it was too brief to be of much use and could not be expanded with in the page count available. Specialist texts are available on application from the publishers of this Pocket Book on such topic areas as:
● Computer numerical control
● Computer-aided drawing and design
● Industrial robots
● Flexible manufacturing systems
● Programmable logic controllers
● Manufacturing management
● Project management.

Within the constraints of commercial viability, it is the continuing intention of the author and publisher to update this book from time to time. Therefore, the author would appreciate (via the publishers) suggestions from the users of this book for additions and/or deletions to be taken into account when producing new editions.
Roger L. Timings (2005)

Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book Third edition By Roger L. Timings pdf.

Book Details:
Edition: 3rd
⏩Author: Roger L. Timings
⏩Publisher: Newnes
⏩Puplication Date: December 28, 2005
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 768
⏩Size: 5.07 MB
⏩Format: PDF

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