Modern Engineering Mathematics Fifth Edition PDF

 Modern Engineering Mathematics Fifth Edition PDF

Modern Engineering Mathematics Fifth Edition by Glyn James

Content of the book:

  • Chapter 1 Numbers, Algebra and Geometry
  • Chapter 2 Functions
  • Chapter 3 Complex Numbers
  • Chapter 4 Vector Algebra
  • Chapter 5 Matrix Algebra
  • Chapter 6 An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  • Chapter 7 Sequences, Series and Limits
  • Chapter 8 Differentiation and Integration
  • Chapter 9 Further Calculus
  • Chapter 10 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Chapter 11 Introduction to Laplace Transforms
  • Chapter 12 Introduction to Fourier Series
  • Chapter 13 Data Handling and Probability Theory
  • Appendix I Tables
  • Answers to Exercises

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the book is not a collection of recipes and techniques designed to teach students to solve routine exercises, nor is mathematical rigor introduced for its own sake. To achieve the desired objective the text contains:
– Worked examples
Approximately 500 worked examples, many of which incorporate mathematical models and are designed both to provide relevance and to reinforce the role of mathematics in various branches of engineering. In response to feedback from users, additional worked examples have been incorporated within this revised edition.

– Applications
To provide further exposure to the use of mathematical models in engineering practice, each chapter contains sections on engineering applications. These sections form an ideal framework for individual, or group, case study assignments leading to a written report and/or oral presentation, thereby helping to develop the skills of mathematical modelling necessary to prepare for the more open-ended modelling exercises at a later stage of the course.

– Exercises
There are numerous exercise sections throughout the text, and at the end of each chapter there is a comprehensive set of review exercises. While many of the exercise problems are designed to develop skills in mathematical techniques, others are designed to develop understanding and to encourage learning by doing, and some are of an open-ended nature. This book contains over 1200 exercises and answers to all the questions are given. It is hoped that this provision, together with the large number of worked examples and style of presentation, also makes the book suitable for private or directed study. Again, in response to feedback from users, the frequency of exercises sections has been increased and additional questions have been added to many of the sections.

– Numerical methods
Recognizing the increasing use of numerical methods in engineering practice, which often complement the use of analytical methods in analysis and design and are of ultimate relevance when solving complex engineering problems, there is wide agreement that they should be integrated within the mathematics curriculum. Consequently, the treatment of numerical methods is integrated within the analytical work throughout the book.

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