Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems by Justyna Zander, Ina Schieferdecker, and Pieter J. Mosterman pdf

Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems by Justyna Zander, Ina Schieferdecker, and Pieter J. Mosterman. 

Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems

Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems by Justyna Zander, Ina Schieferdecker, and Pieter J. Mosterman pdf free engineering.

The ever-growing pervasion of software-intensive systems into technical, business, and social areas not only consistently increases the number of requirements on system functionality and features but also puts forward ever-stricter demands on system quality and reliability. In order to successfully develop such software systems and to remain competitive on top of that, early and continuous consideration and assurance of system quality and reliability are becoming vitally important. To achieve effective quality assurance, model-based testing has become an essential ingredient that covers a broad spectrum of concepts, including, for example, automatic test generation, test execution, test evaluation, test control, and test management. Model-based testing results in tests that can already be utilized in the early design stages and that contribute to high test coverage, thus providing great value by reducing cost and risk. These observations are a testimony to both the effectiveness and the efficiency of testing that can be derived from model-based approaches with opportunities for better integration of system and test development.

Model-based test activities comprise different methods that are best applied complementing one another in order to scale with respect to the size and conceptual complexity of industry systems. This book presents model-based testing from a number of different perspectives that combine various aspects of embedded systems, embedded software, their models, and their quality assurance. As system integration has become critical to dealing with the complexity of modern systems (and, indeed, systems of systems), with software as the universal integration glue, model-based testing has come to present a persuasive value proposition in system development. This holds, in particular, in the case of heterogeneity such as components and subsystems that are partially developed in software and partially in hardware or that are developed by different vendors with off-the-shelf components.

This book provides a collection of internationally renowned work on current technological achievements that assure the high-quality development of embedded systems. Each chapter contributes to the currently most advanced methods of model-based testing, not in the least because the respective authors excel in their expertise in system verification and validation. Their contributions deliver supreme improvements to current practice both in a qualitative as well as in a quantitative sense, by automation of the various test activities, exploitation of combined model-based testing aspects, integration into model-based design process, and focus on overall usability. We are thrilled and honored by the participation of this select group of experts. They made it a pleasure to compile and edit all of the material, and we sincerely hope that the reader will find the endeavor of intellectual excellence as enjoyable, gratifying, and valuable as we have.

In closing, we would like to express our genuine appreciation and gratitude for all the time and effort that each author has put into his or her chapter. We gladly recognize that the high quality of this book is solely thanks to their common effort, collaboration, and communication. In addition, we would like to acknowledge the volunteer services of those who joined the technical review committee and to extend our genuine appreciation for their involvement. Clearly, none of this would have been possible had it not been for the continuous support of Nora Konopka and her wonderful team at Taylor & Francis.  

Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems pdf.

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