metallurgy of welding Sixth Edition by J. F. Lancaster pdf download

metallurgy of welding Sixth Edition by  J. F. Lancaster.
metallurgy of welding Sixth Edition by  J. F. Lancaster

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1. Introductory
2. Solid-phase Welding 
3. The Use of Adhesives for Making Structural Joints .
4. Soldering and Brazing 
5. The Joining of Ceramics: Microjoining 
6. Fusion Welding Processes and Their Thermal Effects
7. Metallurgical Effects of the Weld Thermal Cycle 
8. Carbon and Ferritic Alloy Steels
9. Austenitic and High-alloy Steels
10. Non-ferrous Metals
11. The Behaviour of Welds in Service 
Appendix 1: Symbols 
Appendix 2: Conversion Factors
Preface: to the sixth edition:  Apart from a general revision and updating of the text, some specific alterations and additions have been made to this book. These are as follows:
1 The material on fracture and fracture mechanics originally located in Chapter 11 (behaviour of welds in service) has been moved to a more logical position in Chapter
1. Additional subject-matter includes the brittle and ductile behaviour of solids, ductile fracture, and the velocity of crack propagation. 
2 A description of the new and promising welding process, friction stir welding, is given in Chapter 2. 
3 A new chapter on adhesive bonding has been written. The treatment includes bonding forces, polymer chemistry, types of adhesive, production technology, quality control and applications. 
4 Part of the material on mass and heat flow has been incorporated in the chapter on welding processes. The section on heat flow has been expanded and includes worked examples. A section on weld defects and the evaluation of non-destructive tests has been added.
5 The metallurgy of superaustenitic stainless steel is considered in Chapter 9. 
6 A section on the welding metallurgy of aluminium-lithium alloys has been added to Chapter 10. 
7 In the final chapter, a new section describes major structural failures, and considers the role of welding in such failures. 
The author would like to acknowledge helpful suggestions made by Michael Dunn, who at the time was Director, Engineering and Materials Science, Chapman and Hall. He also wishes to thank the librarians at TWI Abington for their unfailing help, and his wife, Eileen, who devoted much time to the preparation of the manuscript.
” J. F. Lancaster”.
metallurgy of welding 6th Edition by  J. F. Lancaster pdf
Book Details:
⏩Edition: 6th
⏩Author: J. F. Lancaster
⏩Publisher: Abington Publishing
⏩Puplication Date: 1999
⏩© J. F. Lancaster, 1999
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 444
⏩Size: 19.1 MB
⏩Format: pdf
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