Mastering Electrical Engineering by Noel M. Morris pdf download

Mastering Electrical Engineering by Noel M. Morris pdf.
1. Principles of Electricity
2. Electrochemistry, batteries and Other Sources of e.m.f.
3. Resistors and Electrical Circuits
4. Measuring Instruments and Electrical Measurements
5. Electrical Energy and Electrical Tariffs
6. Electrostatics
8. Electrical Generators and Power Distribution
9. Direct Current Motors
10. Alternating Current
11. Introduction to Single-Phase a.c. Circuits
12. Single-Phase a.c. Calculations
13. Poly-Phase a.c. Circuits
14. The Transformer
15. a.c. Motors
16. Power Electronics
Preface: In common with other books in the Mastering series, the intention is to set out in one book the basis of a complete subject -Electrical Engineering in this volume.
This book reflects the modern thinking and needs of the electrical technologist, emphasis being placed on practical circuits and systems. Following modern teaching practice in many courses, the mathematics has been kept to a minimum consistent with covering the necessary background theory. Mastering Electrical Engineering is suitable for use as a self-teaching book, each chapter being supported not only by worked examples but also by self-test questions and a summary of important facts. The latter feature is very useful for the reader who is in a hurry to get a ‘feel’ for the subject matter in the chapter.
Mastering Electrical Engineering by Noel M. Morris
Starting with the principles of electricity and sources of electromotive force (e.m.f.), the book covers the basis of ‘heavy current’ electrical engineering including circuit theory, alternating cu”ent (a.c.) and direct cu”ent (d.c.) machines, single-phase and three-phase calculations, transformers, electrical power distribution, instruments and power electronics. The book contains a liberal supply of illustrations to highlight the features of each chapter, and it is hoped that the approach will stimulate the reader with the same enthusiasm for the subject that the author holds for it.
I would like to thank the electrical manufacturing industry at large for the support it has given, particular thanks being due to the following:
The author and publishers wish to thank the Southern Electricity Board for permission to use the cover illustration of one of the Board’s substations. The author would also like to thank Elizabeth Black and Keith Povey, through Macmillan Education, for their invaluable assistance in tidying up the manuscript.
Finally, I must thank my wife for her help, patience and support during the months whilst the book was being written. 
Book Details:
⏩Author: Noel M. Morris
⏩Copyright ©Noel M. Morris 1985 
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 361
⏩Size: 21.4 MB
⏩Format: PDF
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