Manual of Construction Project Management for Owners and Clients pdf

Manual of Construction Project Management for Owners and Clients.

Each building project requires project management from three different perspectives: that of the client, the designer and the builder. Although they will share a common knowledge of project management, they will also have specific knowledge of their own fields of management. This book describes the activities of the owner in the role of construction client. By performing the complete list of activities himself, the owner maximises the probability of achieving his quality, cost and time objectives. 

The owner must know which risks he will accept when leaving some of the activities to his partners. Describing the owner ’ s activities from the initial idea to build right through to final readiness, the book is a manual for the owner. At the same time the client’s partners must know what the client expects from them; so this book is addressed to designers, contractors, supervisors and professional construction managers as well. 

Within this text, the owner’s activities preceding design, construction and design procurement are particularly highlighted. As nearly half the construction managers and economists in the construction market are engaged on behalf of the owner, the book can be used as study material for construction – faculty students.

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Download Manual of Construction Project Management for Owners and Clients in free pdf format.

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