Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup() to Robots pdf

Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup() to Robots by William P. Osborne pdf.

The Arduino™ is an extremely popular single-board computer that can be used to make a vast variety of intelligent devices. With this book you will learn how to work with the Arduino™ itself, to identify and control common electronic components used with an Arduino,™ and, most important of all, to write programs for the Arduino.
™his book is for you if you want to understand, program, and use the Arduino™ to make things that work. It is also for you if you want to teach Arduino™ programming. We believe this mastery is valuable for three reasons:

  1. Industry demands and career opportunity: he key component of the Arduino™ is a microcontroller from the Atmel Corporation. Learning to program and apply an Arduino™ is also learning to program and apply a microcontroller, a skill that is in heavy demand in industry.

  1. As a basis for learning other programming languages: he Arduino™ is programmed in a version of the C programming language. Consequently, knowledge of the syntax of Arduno™ C transfers to learning higher-level languages, including C++, C#, Java, and Python, which are all currently used in industry.

  1. Satisfaction and fun: he Arduino™ can be used as the computing component for many different kinds of devices. Students who have completed the lessons in this book have gone on to design, build, and program robots that walk, sensors that record and report data, musical instruments, and quadcopters that ly, among other things.

The lessons in this book offer an accessible STEM curriculum. Classes based on it are currently taught in a growing number of high school classrooms. Students and teachers alike are supported on the companion website, www.LearnCSE.com. Aided by more than 250 color photos, illustrations, and diagrams, the lessons and exercises in the book teach how to program and use the Arduino singleboard computer.

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