Industrial Refrigeration Handbook by Wilbert F. Stoecker

Industrial Refrigeration Handbook by Wilbert F. Stoecker

Preface of Industrial Refrigeration Handbook by Wilbert F. Stoecker

This Industrial Refrigeration Handbook is a combination and update of Volume I (1988) and Volume II (1995) Industrial Refrigeration, first published by Business News Publishing Company. The agreement between the original publisher and the McGraw-Hill Book Company has allowed all of the material to be consolidated into one book and has offered yet another possibility to provide new editions, particularly of Volume I.

The response to Volumes I and II has been gratifying. At least a portion of this acceptance has been due to these books being the only comprehensive books devoted to industrial refrigeration. In writing the first volume, the author was forced to make a selection of chapter topics and stop at some point in order to maintain a manageable book size. There were a number of additional subjects that merited inclusion, so a second volume had always been anticipated. Now the entire work appears under one cover.

The Industrial Refrigeration Handbook continues to target as its audience industry professionals, whether they are designers, contractors, operators, manufacturers of components, or sales and application engineers. The book concentrates on practice, but also chooses the fundamentals that provide the skeleton onto which the flesh of applications hang. In the world of operating plants, theory is often dismissed as an unnecessary parlor game. This book attempts to counter this impression by showing that the combination of theory with field observations and practical experience enhances the ability to explain the behavior of systems and solve operating problems. Without the framework of theory a new specific answer must be found for each new problem rather than being able to propose an entire group of solutions based on fundamental principles.

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The author cannot claim personal credit for most of the ideas and approaches in this book. Most of the facts presented in this book are known to someone else or even a number of people. The book attempts to bring a body of this dispersed knowledge together in an organized form. Much of the substance of this book flows from following the North American and European literature on industrial refrigeration and from close contact and perpetual questioning of some of the outstanding professionals in the field of industrial refrigeration.

Because the book embraces the experience of so many practicing professionals, any effort to acknowledge all whose ideas are incorporated in this book will omit many names. There are, however, members of four groups who have been rich sources of experience. These organizations are the International Institute of Refrigeration, with headquarters in Paris, whose meetings have always enjoyed a strong emphasis on topics in industrial refrigeration and bring worldwide results from research and field experience into print. The second group is represented in the refrigeration committees of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Especially valuable has been my association with the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) as Scientific Advisor for twelve years and member of the Research Committee. The members, officers, and Board of Directors of IIAR are a collective authority on industrial refrigeration. The final association that has been valuable in exposing issues and topic that appear in many locations of the book is my role in the semiannual Industrial Refrigeration Workshop. As associate director and one of the presenters in this week-long course, the opportunity to learn from the research of the other university staff members, the current practice and experience of the industry instructors, and the field problems confronted by the participants in the workshop are a gold mine of knowledge.

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