Industrial Automation Hands On by Frank Lamb PDF Free Download

Industrial Automation Hands On by Frank Lamb

Preface of Industrial Automation Hands On by Frank Lamb

The book is laid out in an outline format for easy reference. Chapter 1 provides a general overview of manufacturing and automation. Chapter 2 introduces many of the concepts used in automation, controls, machinery design, and documentation. Chapter 3 discusses many of the individual hardware components used in the automation industry. Chapter 4 links some of these components together and describes some of the machinery subsystems that help comprise an automated machine or line. Chapter 5 brings these subsystems together and exemplifies machinery used in some of the different areas of manufacturing. Chapter 6 covers some of the different kinds of software used in the programming, design, and documentation of industrial machinery and information systems as well as business enterprise software.

Chapter 7 describes job functions in the automation and manufacturing industries, and Chap. 8 covers some of the business organization and concepts used in the industrial and manufacturing fields. Lean manufacturing and various business tools are also discussed there. Chapter 9 covers a hypothetical machine procurement, design, and implementation process, while Chap. 10 contains some examples of automation projects and systems I have been involved in during my career. There are also a number of handy tables and charts and an index in the back of the book.

Mechanical engineers who want to know more about controls or business, electrical engineers and technicians who need more information on mechanical concepts and components, and factory management employees needing more background on technical subjects will find this book helpful. Machine operators hoping to move into the maintenance field and maintenance technicians needing more information on engineering techniques will also find subjects of interest contained within these pages.

Industrial Automation Hands On by Frank Lamb PDF Free Download

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