Ian Sommerville Software Engineering 6th Edition pdf download

Ian Sommerville Software Engineering 6th Edition pdf.

Ian Sommerville Software Engineering 6th Edition  .

Ian Sommerville Software Engineering 6th Edition free pdf download.

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Getting started with software engineering.
Chapter 2: Systems Engineering: 
Designing, implementing, deploying and operating systems which include hardware, software and people.

Chapter 3: Software Processes:
Coherent sets of activities for specifying, designing, implementing and testing software systems.

Chapter 4: Project management.
Organising, planning and scheduling software projects.

Chapter 5: Software Requirements: 
Descriptions and specifications of a system.

Chapter 6: Requirements Engineering Processes:
Processes used to discover, analyse and validate system  requirements.

Chapter 7: System models

Chapter 8: Software Prototyping:
Rapid software development to validate requirements.

Chapter 9: Formal Specification:
Techniques for the unambiguous specification of software.

Chapter 10: Architectural Design:
Establishing the overall structure of a software system.

Chapter 11: Distributed Systems Architectures:
 Architectural design for software that executes on more than one processo.

Chapter 12: Object-oriented Design

Chapter 13: Real-time Software Design

Chapter 14: Design with Reuse:
Building software from reusable components.

Chapter 15: User interface design:
Designing effective interfaces for software systems.

Chapter 19: Verification and Validation:
Assuring that a software system meets a user’s needs.

Chapter 20: Defect testing:
Testing programs to establish the presence of system defects.

Statistical testing: 
• tests designed to reflect the frequence of user inputs. Used for reliability estimation. 
Covered in Chapter 21

Chapter 22: Managing people:
Managing people working as individuals and in groups.

Chapter 23: Software cost estimation:
Predicting the resources required for a software development process.

Chapter 24: Quality Management:
Managing the quality of the software process and products.

Chapter 25: Process Improvement:
Understanding, Modelling and Improving the Software Process.

Chapter 26: Legacy Systems :
Older software systems that remain vital to an organisation.

Chapter 27: Software change:
Managing the processes of software system change.

Chapter 28:  Software re-engineering:
Reorganising and modifying existing software systems to make them more maintainable.

Chapter 29: Configuration management:
Managing the products of system change.

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Download Ian Sommerville Software Engineering 6th Edition in free pdf format.
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