Hydraulics Catalog 2016 Hydraulic Hose, Fittings & Equipment pdf download

Hydraulics Catalog 2016 Hydraulic Hose, Fittings & Equipment.
Hydraulics Catalog 2016 Hydraulic Hose, Fittings & Equipment

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What’s New?
Hot Oiler
The Prospector™ Hot Oiler hose was specifically designed to initiate the flow of hot oil (275°F/135°C continuous; 300°F/149°C intermittent) and bring it to the surface. The hose is reinforced with dual-braided, high-tensile steel wire and features an oil- and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber cover to help get the job done.
Prospector™ BOP 5000
This fire-tested, very high pressure BOP hose acts as a hydraulic control connection that can be critically important to the well control system. The hose is reinforced with up to six layers of spiraled, high-tensile steel wire to handle pressures that can reach 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa).
With a special flame- and abrasion-resistant construction, the XCP3 & XCP4 take on high-pressure hydraulic applications and are designed to replace SAE100R1 and SAE100R19 when a tougher, more flexible hose is required. With 5X the abrasion resistance over our standard cover, it’s easy to see why these hoses are the go-to choice.
Extended Life XR16SC
When the job requires tight bends, flexibility and abrasion resistance, this high pressure service hose steps up to the task. Using a nitrile inner tube and dual-braided, high-tensile
steel wire reinforcement, it can handle 5,800 psi (31 MPa) flows of petroleum- and water-based hydraulic fluids.
The DR2SN high-pressure hose comes into play during construction, machine, tool and agricultural applications where high temperature petroleum- or water-based hydraulic fluids are a factor. The hose features a blue CPE cover, is flame resistant and meets higher EN/DIN pressures.
Putting Words to What We Do?
Choose us as your sole supplier for hydraulic assembly components, including hoses, fittings, adapters and the assembly equipment. Because, whatever your application – construction, agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation – our broad selection will connect you with a high-quality, reliable hydraulic hose assembly system. And you can trust that our products meet these global performance standards: SAE, DIN, JIS, USCG, ABS and US MSHA. Not only are our hydraulic hose products designed to make a very literal connection – to each other and to your equipment – our network of distributors is ready to connect with you and your business needs. And we strive to do it all in the most friendly and efficient manner possible. Being easy to work with can really be a differentiator in the hydraulic hose market. We know this and will always do our best to make sure your business is treated with the attention and care it deserves. That is our commitment to you.
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Hydraulics Catalog 2016 Hydraulic Hose, Fittings and Equipment pdf.
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