How to Be Your Own Home Electrician by George Daniels pdf download

How to Be Your Own Home Electrician by George Emery Daniels. 
A Few Words About the National Electrical Code
1. Tools for Wiring
2. Types of Wires and Wiring Techniques
3. How to Install House Wiring
4. Wiring for Heavy Loads
5. Wiring an Old House
6. Surface Wiring
7. Outlet Repairs and Installations
8. Plugs and Cords
9. Wall and Ceiling Fixtures
10. Installing and Replacing Switches
11. Outdoor Wiring
12. Testing Wiring
13. Fluorescent Lights
14. Doorbells and Chimes
15. Fuses and Circuit Breakers
16. Working with Electric Motors
“Editorial Reviews”
Just open this book to any page and get all the answers you need to do every electrical job just like a pro-correctly, safely, economically! Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions! More than 200 sharp photos, illustrations and diagrams! Shows how to save money on countless electrical repairs, installations and improvements! Describes the nature of electricity, how it works, is measured, controlled. Tells how to check your requirements against the National Electrical Code. Lists tools you need for wiring jobs and basic wiring techniques. Outlines precise instructions on how to wire a new home, an old house. How to handle appliance loads, surface wiring, outlets, switches, wall and ceiling fixtures. There ‘s even a special chapter all about outdoor lighting and wiring. And there ‘s much more on wire testing, fluorescent lighting, doorbells and chimes, fuses and electric motors. This book is a real find and you ‘ll have fun using it!
How to Be Your Own Home Electrician by George Daniels
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Book Details:
⏩Edition: 2nd
⏩Authors: Robert X. Perez, David W. Lawhon
⏩Puplisher:  Harper & Row; 2nd Revised edition
⏩Puplication Date: 1979
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 146
⏩Size: 56.4 MB
⏩Format: PDF
Download How to Be Your Own Home Electrician by George Emery Daniels in pdf format for free.
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