How do brakes work in a car? PDF Download

How do brakes work in a car?

Brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety system. Under normal conditions, a driver exerts about 70 pounds of force on the brake pedal (about the same amount of effort it takes to bite into a steak) to bring thousands of pounds of moving metal and plastic to a quick and controlled stop. A flawless brake system is absolutely crucial to driver, passenger and pedestrian safety.

How do brakes work in a car?

here’s how car brakes work in a nutshell: drivers generate hydraulic pressure by pressing the brake pedal, and that pressure travels to the brake caliper (or drum) at each wheel, where it’s used to drive a friction material into a spinning steel surface that’s connected to each wheel. The resulting friction is what slows your car or truck down. And now you know!

The PDF you will download contain:

  • What Are the Main Parts of the Hydraulic Braking System?
  • How do brakes work in a car?
  • How long do disc brakes normally last?
  • Why is it important to have brakes regularly inspected?

How do brakes work in a car? pdf download

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